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Clearing A Path Downtown

With five-foot snowbanks separating parked cars from our local merchants, I know it’s hard to navigate downtown South Milwaukee these days. The city is going to help.

You may have noticed “no parking” signs go up in the 900 and 1000 blocks of Milwaukee Avenue on Friday. That is because city crews are planning to clean up the parking lanes up to the curb and remove some of the snow between the sidewalk and curb on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Then, time and manpower permitting, we will continue into the 800, 1100 and 1200 blocks of Milwaukee and finally to the two blocks of 10th Avenue south of Milwaukee.

We are doing this to make access to downtown businesses safer and easier. We ask for your patience during this process.

For now, keep this in mind …

  • Between 7 a.m. 3 p.m. on Monday, there is no parking on the north side of Milwaukee Avenue between Ninth and 11th Avenues.
  • Between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday, there is no parking on the south side of those blocks.

Please patronize our local businesses all year long!


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Coming Soon To Downtown: JB’s Tee Shirt Factory

T-shirtsI’m really excited about the latest business to call downtown South Milwaukee home — another good example of a destination retail store that I’m hoping we become famous for.

It’s JB’s Tee Shirt Factory, which provides screen-printed, embroidered and other apparel for sports teams — including colleges like UW-Milwaukee, UW-Parkside, and Cardinal Stritch — and other groups. It also has some cool designer t-shirts they will be selling at the South Milwaukee location, 1233 Milwaukee Ave., their first retail store.

They also have an operation in Muskego.

I met Jason and Aaron on Thursday night, and they are making some significant upgrades to the store. They hope to open next week.

Please join me in welcoming them to South Milwaukee … and shop local!


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New Citgo Station Opening By End Of February

CitgoI’m excited to see another new business coming to South Milwaukee, an investment in our downtown area to rehabilitate a dilapidated building …

The latest example: the new Citgo station opening at 10th and Manitoba. I spoke to the owners — who also operate several gas stations in Appleton — and they expect to be open by the end of February.

The new signage went up last week, and it’s already a big improvement. Welcome to South Milwaukee!

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Nomi: New Life For The Former A&W

NomiNo doubt you have noticed some of the changes happening at the former A&W at 513 N. Chicago Ave.

The rotted canopies over the parking spaces are gone, and there is a fresh coat of paint, but that’s just the start.

The new owners of the building are Marko and Athina Tase, (pictured above). Along with their son, Aldo, they are planning to open a specialty coffee house, also serving specialty bakery and breakfast sandwiches. It will feature Valentine Coffee, an upscale coffee roaster based on Milwaukee’s west side. It will be named Nomi.

They hope to open in the next month, so stay tuned for more details.

And welcome to South Milwaukee, the Tases!


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Big Plans For Board Game Barrister

DSC01873I’ll let Gordon Lugauer explain it in his blog post. An excerpt …

This location has a really nice Mainstreet-style showroom. However, while we will be adding some additional racks to display more product, there is no getting around the fact that the space is too small to display the same range of products we are known for. So we’re doing something different.

The Board Game Barrister Clearance Center!

Part of my retail philosophy is that if I’ve made a mistake when choosing products for my stores, either because I bought too much or because I just got it wrong, I take it off the shelf. No point in having the wrong game on the shelf when we could try something else that might prove to be the right one. These aren’t bad products, just wrong for the stores they were at (truly bad products, like the batch of card holders we got last year, never get sold once we know about the problem). Or perhaps that last item from an assortment that looks lonely on the shelf, too lonely to be attractive as a possible gift. These items will at last have a home at the Clearance Center, arrayed all nice and shoppable at the Board Game Barrister – South Milwaukee.

Currently, we have just over one row of shelves, probably 100 items, in our clearance center. Everything from thinky hobby games to puzzles to LEGO. Eventually, we’ll include some ding-n-dent items and games from our demo library that are no longer seeing use. This is a really neat way to get these games, toys, and puzzles on display, and is something unique for the South Milwaukee store.

And, at a good price, too. Everything in the clearance center is 30% off.

The Garden Theater building, which was the South Milwaukee Carpets warehouse for the past 35 years, has become our warehouse and processing center. Processing what? Currently, processing games, toys, and puzzles that are in the warehouse and sending them to our Bayshore and Greenfield stores. But in 2015, this will also include processing orders from our soon-to-be-ready (really, I promise) online store. Having a warehouse is really pretty fantastic, and allows the other stores to focus on connecting with people through games, not receiving shipments. This will be a huge boon when we open our 4th location (no, no plans yet).

Thanks to Gordon and Board Game Barrister for investing in downtown South Milwaukee!


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12 Days Of South Milwaukee Christmas: A New Look For Downtown Resale

A couple of good options here … including an announcement regarding one popular downtown store.

I Can’t Resist Kids Resale is adding “store within a store” in January — B’s Boutique. The boutique will have unique new items like jewelry, purses, home decor and fun items for the kids at a reasonable price.

The kids’ resale shop will remain, also at 915 Milwaukee. To celebrate the change (and make way for the boutique), Becky is having a clearance sale, where all clothes are 95 cents through 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Stop by and check it out.

And check out their website and Facebook page.

Also, don’t forget Memory Lane Antiques across the street. Lots of cool items there, too.

Shop local this holiday season … and shop downtown!

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12 Days Of South Milwaukee Christmas: Horror

Horror for Christmas? Why not?

After all, South Milwaukee is home to Graveyard Records & Movie Maniacs, the self-professed largest horror collectibles store in the Midwest.

It’s a really cool shop at 1013 Milwaukee Ave., a great destination business for our city center. And while it’s not for everyone, there is absolutely nothing else like it around this area. You can’t get this stuff at Walmart :)

Check out the store’s website here, and see for yourself. Tell Dave I said hi.


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