Small Fire Reported At South Milwaukee’s Civic Arms Apartments

There was a small fire in one of the Civic Arms Apartments on Wednesday night.

From an email sent by Acting South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter …

During the height of all the fireworks last night, SMPD rec’d a call from a tenant of the Civic Arms apartment building at 2005 10th Avenuereporting that their fire alarms were going off. Arriving SMPD officers (Klipfel & Fournier) discovered the sprinkler system activated and smoke pouring out from underneath the door of apartment 110. This information was relayed to SMFD and, due to simultaneous EMS calls occurring at this time, Captain Czajkowski and I responded with an engine and were met by one of our ambulances that had just freed up from another call.  Because of the reduced staffing, mutual aid was requested from our neighbors. Upon our arrival, we discovered that a fire had started on the stove top in that apartment and spread to the cabinets above.  Once the fire grew to a sufficient size, it activated the sprinkler head in the kitchen which extinguished the fire.  It is without a doubt that the sprinkler head activating saved that building from extensive damage.  A big thanks to Officers Klipfel and Fournier for assisting with evacuating all the occupants from the building. Investigation revealed that the occupants were cooking just prior to the power going out and inadvertently left the stove burner on when they left the building to seek shelter at another location.  Once the power was restored, the burner heated up the cookware on top, overheated it and caused it to burn.  Fire damage was limited to the kitchen with water damage in the kitchen and living room.

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