New Name (And Aim) For South Milwaukee Chamber Of Commerce

Good-bye, South Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce. Hello, South Milwaukee Community and Business Association.

The change in name — and goals of the group — was recently finalized, with the bylaws for the new association being approved at a meeting on Feb. 18.

The revised objective of the organization: “promoting civic and business interests of South Milwaukee.” And membership is open to “any individual, business, association, organization or any other legally organized group with legal standing interested in the welfare of South Milwaukee.”

So, what does this mean? It somewhat remains to be seen, as the organization plots a new path.

Previously, the mission of the chamber was “to promote the economic development of the South Milwaukee business community” and “enhance our city by offering a variety of social and marketing events; beautification programs; and ongoing support and camaraderie for our business community.” There will certainly be elements of this in the association’s future, including its holiday decoration and street banner programs.

I wish the association well with its new aim — and I remain a proud member of it.

Similarly, I look forward to the new South Shore Chamber of Commerce taking root. This organization should fill some of the void left by the end of a traditional local chamber while taking a broader approach to promoting business from Cudahy, St. Francis and South Milwaukee. Its goal, according to its Facebook page …

The business and purpose of this corporation shall be to advance the commercial and industrial interests of the communities it serves; to interest itself in legislation and administration in said communities; to inform the public as to successful commercial, industrial and civic expansion, all for the general interest and benefit of said communities; strive for a general recognition and understanding of the rights of legitimate enterprises; and generally carry on and conduct any lawful business or businesses whatever for the promotion of this corporation and its interests, the interests of its members and particularly the interest of the communities it serves.

I look forward to joining this organization as well — and to continue in the effort to promote and enhance local businesses. Communities are better off when the voice of local business is heard loud and clear.

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