No One Hurt In House Fire

Here is the update from South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter on the fire Tuesday morning on Elm Avenue …

At 10:28 this morning, SMFD Dispatch rec’d a 9-1-1 call of a smell of smoke in the house and smoke coming from the attic at 717 Elm Avenue.  SMFD responded and upon arrival discovered moderate smoke coming from the roof and attic vents.  SMFD Command upgraded the level of response to a Working Still which includes our mutual aid partners.  All of the occupants were out of the home upon arrival of SMFD. Attack lines were stretched to the interior of the house to find fire involving the area above the cabinet soffit in the kitchen up into the attic and exiting through the roof vent.  The fire was extinguished using minimal water.  Because the fire was primarily located in the soffit and attic area, damage from direct flame contact and heat/smoke was more severe in the attic. The first floor suffered minor water and smoke damage.  The occupants contacted their insurance company who was making arrangements for temporary housing. No injuries were reported.  Investigators identified the area of origin in the cabinet soffit in the area above the kitchen sink.  The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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  1. SM Guy

    Thanks for posting these, Eric. If you do get the investigation results from this (or the St. Sylvester Drive fire or others), please consider posting that as well, especially if the cause is something other than “operator error”. For example, if we’re finding out that these are being caused by bad electrical, appliance failure, etc., it might encourage others to check out their own systems. It just seems like there have been more fires than usual in the NE corner in the last year or two.

    Hope this blog continues after April 1. I wouldn’t think there would be a conflict of interest with any new job, but this is the only source of a lot of city info…..

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