Winter Parking Permits On Sale Nov. 3

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

It is that time of year again…

Winter Parking Season will soon be upon us. Permits will go on sale starting November 3, 2014. Cost of the permit is $25.00 per month or $80.00 for the entire 4 month season. Any person who wishes to park a vehicle on the street between the hours of 3am and 6am must purchase a parking permit. Alternate side parking rules also apply. Winter parking is enforced 7 days a week.

Permits can be purchased at the Police Department Monday-Friday from 7am – 8pm. There will be no permit sales, or citation payments accepted, outside of these hours OR on weekends and Holidays. (Holidays this season are Nov. 27, Nov. 28, Dec. 24, Dec. 25, Dec. 31 and Jan.1) **NOTE***The Thanksgiving Holiday falls on November 27 and 28 which means that residents will have to purchase their December permits prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday in order to have them in time for the beginning of winter parking regulations on December 1, 2014.

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD, get your permits early. Parking permission will not be given because you did not have time to purchase a permit. Please come in early and get your permit purchased before the Thanksgiving Holiday.



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3 responses to “Winter Parking Permits On Sale Nov. 3

  1. Jennifer

    Why does SM have parking restrictions the go through March? Most cities, including Milwaukee only have restrictions through February. I’m sure part of this is revenues but I’d be willing to pay the same rate for a permit even if it only went through February. The alternate parking is very frustrating when the weather doesn’t seem to warrant it.

  2. Cory Peterson

    Actually Milwaukee has parking permits/alternate side parking year round, all the time except on holidays and Saturday night. I don’t miss it at all!

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