No One Hurt In Frigid House Fire

From South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter …

Please keep the family impacted by this fire in your thoughts and prayers, as well as the firefighters who battled the fire in freezing cold temperatures.

At approximately 10:10 this morning, SMFD responded to a report of a roof fire at 727 Madison Avenue. Upon arrival, light smoke was seen issuing from the attic area of the house. Further investigation revealed a small fire burning under the insulation in the attic. Hoselines were stretched into the attic to extinguish the fire and a lengthy overhaul process ensued to remove all the damaged insulation. Fire damage was isolated to a small area of the attic with minor water damage resulting to the ceiling below where the fire was burning. The American Red Cross was requested to the scene to assist the occupants with housing since the furnace was placed out of service due to wiring leading to it being damaged in the fire. No injuries were reported.

Weather conditions at the time of the fire were very cold at 17 degrees with steady winds at 10+ mph resulting in wind chills near zero. Unfortunately, winter weather is upon us.

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