Honoring A South Milwaukee Hero

WetzelWetzel 3Wetzel 2

“I’m just a caretaker, a soldier doing his job.”

Those are the humble words of a real hero, South Milwaukee resident Gary Wetzel. Gary, a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions in the Vietnam War, was named Milwaukee County Veteran of the Year today and had a street sign and monument dedicated in his honor. I was honored to be a small part of the ceremony — and am incredibly thankful for his sacrifice and the sacrifice of all our veterans. We should all be thankful for their service, not just today but every day.

Thanks for calling South Milwaukee home, Gary


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3 responses to “Honoring A South Milwaukee Hero

  1. Dimity Grabowski

    Thank you Gary for your years of service, and the sacrifices that you made for this wonderful country.

  2. dave maass

    I was grateful to be able to attend the dedication of the memorial marker, to hear Mr. Wetzel speak. Two telling moments, among many: Gary reflected on the sacrifices made by many thousands of men and women — he also specifically thanked the medics who saved his and countless lives; and, when Gary’s hat blew off in the wind, it was the attending Major General who quickly ran over to retrieve his hat. There were many enlisted vets in attendance; it was fitting for the senior officer to fetch the Metal of Honor recipient’s hat.

    On Wednesday, March 25th, the citizens of Milwaukee County re-named a section of road located just outside the Milwaukee County War Memorial. It is now Gary G Wetzel Metal of Honor Way.

    A nod to our Mayor who spoke briefly, pointedly, and well.

  3. Wayne Hibbard

    I Seen specialist Wetzel on a ad for Tammy Baldwen.. I checked him out. I was born and raised on the North side of Milwaukee, U.S.Army from 1972 to 1975 . So I did not know about Mr .Wetzel. I’m Proud of him and Tammy has got my vote…

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