Downtown Update: New Restaurant Opens In March

Downtown momentum continues, with our newest restaurant, Grillworks, planning an opening for March.

The Orens have already made significant investments to upgrade to the former Nona’s and Grebe’s building on 10th Avenue, and they plan to open the restaurant and bar in March. They will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a Friday fish fry, prime rib and a Sunday brunch buffet.

Also, a big thanks to our Street Department for taking away the snowbanks along Milwaukee Avenue on Friday. It’s not something we’ve often done, but I hope we can do it more going forward. I’m happy to get behind efforts like this to help local businesses. (Thanks to Leah from Parkway Floral for the photo.)


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2 responses to “Downtown Update: New Restaurant Opens In March

  1. Barb Linder

    I appreciate the city taking away the snow on the corners. Makes walking across the street much easier and safer. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Rob V

    I do wish they would find a place to put the snow other than the prairie type land by the lake condos off 5th Ave. Our million dollar view looks pretty junky right now. Maybe they could put the snow along the trees on the north side of the open area. Seems like such a waste of the great open space, and wrecks the view from those who are neighbors of this city land.

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