South Milwaukee Business Spotlight: Molthen-Bell Funeral Home

Here is the second installment of South Milwaukee Business Spotlight, a collaboration with the South Milwaukee Community & Business Association where we’ll spotlight a local small business each month. Businesses will be chosen by the SMCBA.

This month, we profile Molthen-Bell Funeral Home.

The Basics

  • Business name: Molthen-Bell Funeral Home
  • Address: 700 Milwaukee Ave.
  • Hours: 8 to 4:30pm Monday through Friday – Available 24 hours/7 days
    a week
  • Phone number: (414) 762-0154
  • Website:
  • Social media: Facebook
  • Founded: 1916
  • Owner(s): Pinnacle of Wisconsin LLC
  • No. of employees: 14
    • John D. Klein – General Manager
    • Colette Maass – Office Manager
    • Jeff Bell – Funeral Director and Pre Arrangement Specialist
    • Jerry Werth- Funeral Director and Pre Arrangement Specialist
    • Nick Schilling – Funeral Director
    • Alex Salisott – Funeral Director
    • Tajai Turner – Funer Director and Pre Arrangement Specialist
    • Jack Mani – Funeral Assistant and Community Projects
    • Pam Bierbach – Office Administrator and Community Projects
    • Laura Klein – Funeral Director and Community Projects
    • Corey Stephens – 4th Generation Molthen Funeral Director
    • JoAnn Brockman – Funeral Assistant
    • Deb Wilson – Funeral Assistant
    • Lisa Comp-Manley – Funeral Assistant and Office Administrator

Learning More

How did you get involved in the business? The staff of Molthen-Bell is a dedicated group of individuals with over 230 years of combined experience in funeral service. Each of us has our own story as to how we chose funeral service and Molthen-Bell as their career of choice, but the one thing that is the same for all is our passion for serving families in their most difficult times. We pride ourselves on carrying out the traditions that the Molthen-Bell families set forth. Although the titles we each hold are different, we strive for a common goal to be strong pillars in the community as well as compassionate care-givers to the families who live here.

What sets your business apart? We have over 100 years in the South Milwaukee community and have become a staple that offers families in need compassionate and quality service. In keeping with the traditions in family care, and moving forward with the ever changing needs of families, Molthen-Bell has created a comfortable atmosphere for all families that enter our facilities. We take pride in the community projects we are involved with and look forward to continuing those traditions.

What is your business’ biggest challenge? We have found that misinformation has been the biggest challenge we have faced. There are many TV and radio commercials that try to give information on funerals in just 30 seconds. We understand that there are a lot of questions families have and there is no way a simple commercial can answer this large array of questions. Our goal is to educate families on ALL of their options and the costs associated with them.

What is your business’ biggest opportunity? If given the opportunity, it is our primary goal to educate families on the different services we provide. By being in the community for over 100 years, we have built a strong trust with our families and with our continued community involvement we hope to solidify our place in South Milwaukee. We are proud of our relationships with the business community and are looking forward to seeing positive changes in South Milwaukee.

What are your growth plans? We have plans to continue updating our chapels and facilities so they are more accommodating to families and offer a comfortable place to visit with friends and family when they are faced with a difficult time on their lives. In all honesty, we understand that funeral homes are the last place people want to be, so if we can make the environment brighter and more comfortable, it helps ease the grieving process.

Why should others consider doing business in South Milwaukee? Anyone who attends a community event in South Milwaukee can see that the businesses and residents all care greatly about their community. Just come to Evening on the Avenue or Heritage Days, just to name a couple, and you will see the pride the community has and the generosity the businesses offer.

If you could change one thing about South Milwaukee, what would it 
be? I would definitely love to see more businesses, and a greater variety of businesses come to the area. The only way to achieve this is to make the vacant buildings more presentable for future owners and/or renters.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you or your business? Molthen-Bell is very grateful to the men and women who protect us on a daily basis including: police officers, fire fighters, first responders, all branches of the military, etc. In appreciation, we offer a 5% savings on services and merchandise to those who have served.

It is an honor to be a part of South Milwaukee and we look forward to continuing the traditions that have made us a staple in the community.

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