A Belated Happy Arbor Day! Much to Celebrate When it Comes to Tree Planting

Arbor Day was Friday, and there is a lot to celebrate when it comes tree planting in South Milwaukee. We’ve come a long way since 2014.

The headline: More than 800 trees have been planted in the city in approximately the past five years. That includes more than 550 Milwaukee County forestry officials say they have planted in and around Grant Park, and more than 250 the City of South Milwaukee has planted along our streets, with more to come this year. Add it up …

  • It starts with Our Adopt a Tree program. We planted 100 trees through this program in 2017 and 2018, and we have about 15 of the 50 allotted trees for 2019 still available. Learn more and reserve your tree here, but you must act by this Tuesday, April 30.
  • We’ve planted dozens more along major streets like 10th Avenue and Nicholson Avenue in the last few years, and dozens more are coming with the Milwaukee Avenue streetscaping upgrades.
  • And we’ve partnered with South Milwaukee elementary schools to plant about 20 trees as part of our annual Arbor Day celebration, where our Street Department teams educate fourth-graders about trees and their impact, plant a tree outside of our local schools and send home kids with saplings. We’re bringing the program to E.W. Luther, Lakeview and Blakewood this week.

Of course, these plantings come as our work continues to remove hundreds of dead and dying ash trees — with more work to do. The county also continues in their work to combat EAB.

But we’re on the right path when it comes to replanting, and I pledge to continue to make this a priority for years to come. We have to.

We do this because trees have real value, and this is money well spent. We will continue to invest in this work … one tree at a time.

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