Oak Creek Watershed Update: Key Stakeholder Meeting Set for December 12

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s work on the Oak Creek Watershed plan is ramping up.

Their focus now is on the critical Chapter 4 of the plan: a deep dive into water quality, quantity, and other “inventory findings,” including a review of the status of the Mill Pond and dam.

That “state of the watershed” information will be reviewed at a meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12, at Oak Creek’s Drexel Town Square, 8040 South 6th St., in the Multipurpose Room.


The intent of this meeting is to briefly review and receive comments on Plan draft Chapter 4, “Inventory Findings”, which includes discussion on stream flows, the history and current conditions for the Mill Pond and dam, and water quality conditions in the watershed. 

Beverages and a light supper will be available.

You can review the plan, and the partially complete Chapter 4, here.

It is sobering information, culled from volumes and volumes of available data from a variety of sources, and the results of years of physically walking the creek by SEWRPC staff.

From the report …

The entire mainstem of Oak Creek is currently listed as impaired with three impairments. The Creek is listed as impaired due to chronic aquatic toxicity related to an unknown pollutant. It is also listed as impaired due to the presence of a degraded biological community related to high concentrations of total phosphorus. Finally, the Creek is listed as impaired due to chronic and acute aquatic toxicity related to high concentrations of chloride. Each of these impairments apply to the entire length of the mainstem of Oak Creek. One tributary stream is proposed for listing as impaired on the 2018 list. The WDNR has proposed adding a 5.7-mile section of the North Branch of Oak Creek to the impaired waters list due to the presence of chronic and acute aquatic toxicity related to high concentrations of chloride.

There is a lot of information — A LOT. The incomplete draft version of Chapter 4 being reviewed in December is already nearly 200 pages long, and counting. However, I’m glad to see SEWRPC taking this deep of a dive. The watershed will be better off for it.

We need science to drive our decision making, as we look to breathe new life into the Oak Creek Watershed. This report — and all the data behind — will be the roadmap we need to do it.


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6 responses to “Oak Creek Watershed Update: Key Stakeholder Meeting Set for December 12

  1. Bryce Ruddock

    Thanks for sharing this as I am extremely interested in the future of how the watershed is managed.

  2. Michael

    Another case of politicians ignoring the obvious and tying up a project in costly red tape.

  3. Bryce Ruddock

    Regulatory agencies are not the same as politicians as they are not elected but either hired or appointed. In this instance some of the projects were kicked down the road by past state senates and assemblies so regulatory agencies had to sit on it. The egg has hatched and its time to raise that chicken.

  4. Frank Gratke

    The “nearly 200 pages long” should not stop anybody from reading it. If you read it and have any background on the Watershed the statement “SEWRPC taking this deep of a dive” becomes “SEWRPC avoids naming possible sources of pollution and SEWRPC does not call for core testing of Mill Pond”.Thus. not setting off the real red flags that should be set off. This does remind me of 2002 Arcadis report done to purchase the land for the football field, No one read it, We bought the land and made it into the football field. The report, if anybody would read it would basically said “wait a minute”.

  5. Mary C. Nelson

    A few years ago, the outlet drain pipes into the Creek from BE and Appleton (I think) and possibly others were checked for toxic discharges and the Public was told that there were no toxic substances coming into the Creek then. Is it going into Lake Michigan ? Where is this toxicity coming from ? Will the sources be investigated ? Will the sources be fined ? Is this affecting the fish that swim up the Creek ? There are many questions to be answered ! Especially, is it going into Lake Michigan ? We need answers !

    • Frank Gratke

      In the report there is a 2021 date the DNR has set for fixing the drain. The cost estimate in the report was $200,000 for fixing the drain alone. The estimated sludge in the report to remove in mill pond was 47,000 cubic yards
      .I belief the three possible sources are the DNR low level toxic waste site formerly known as the Falk landfill site south of the football field ,the Caterpillar superfund site all the Caterpillar land north of Rawson Avenue more common referred to as “little korea”. Problems found at the mouth of the Oak Creek at Lake Michigan has a possible source of the Marina Cliffs superfund site.
      Note: DNR is in the process of bringing in 10,000 yards of dregings from the KK river with low levels of arsenic into the DNR site.

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