About Me


I am Erik Brooks, and I am proud to be South Milwaukee’s mayor.

I am excited to bring some new ideas, perspective and energy to the role … as well as some varied professional experiences.

After graduating from Marquette University in 1997, I spent the first 10 years of my professional life as a sports, business and news journalist before joining Miller Brewing Co. as communications professional in 2007. I left the company in late 2019 and am now an independent communications consultant.

I also bring a lifelong love of the South Shore to the mayor’s chair. I was born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee and am a proud graduate of St. Matthew’s on Milwaukee’s south side, St. Thomas More High School and Marquette University.

Of course, my family grounds me. I have been married for almost 20 years to my wonderful wife Sarah, and we have two beautiful children. Without their support, none of this would be possible.

We moved to South Milwaukee in 2002, and I look forward to many more years in this great community!

19 responses to “About Me

  1. Peggy

    Erik, do any other aldermen have a blog like you do? I have been keeping up on news of Walmart through your blog, it would be interesting to see other opinions.


  2. St. Matthew class of 82 here. Very cool. What does one do with leaves after the 15th of November. Been working a lot and don’t know if I will get them to the street? Nowamike@aol.com

    • After Nov. 15, there isn’t much you can do, other than mow them/mulch them (which I do instead of raking all the time) or leave them. There is a charge for bringing bags of leaves to the city’s self-deposit station.

  3. Tom

    What new ideas do you have for the City?

  4. Tony

    I’ve noticed the new automated garbage trucks in use at homes that have garbage carts. Will we be implementing city wide automated collection in 2014?

    It’s been long overdue in South Milwaukee. Neighboring communities have been automated since the 1990’s.

    • It’s a good question. We briefly discussed it a couple of years ago, and from what I can tell it went nowhere. I favor closely looking at this. I talk about “efficiency” in my campaign for mayor, and this is one area I want to see us explore further.

      • Tony

        I couldn’t agree more. We have the capability now with the new trucks. Let’s use those trucks to do what they are capable of.

  5. Ali

    Congratulations Erik,
    Let’s immediately start moving away from the depressing, cheap, continuation of Cudahy’s Packard corridor of ugly stores that litter the street and start making better choices for South Milwaukee. Quality not quantity: let’s try to attract company’s like Collectivo and Stone Creek Coffee, not Wal-Mart and Kentucky Fried Chicken! Here’s looking forward to three years of new thinking and better choices for our community- Thanks for stepping up to the task and putting your hat in the ring!

  6. Tony

    Around the Corner with John McGivern will be taping in South Milwaukee this summer. Episode to air in 2015. Get your thirty seconds ready, Erik.

  7. Patrick Hintz

    I was told you had a meeting with Dr Heiden on the purchase of the South Shore YMCA. What could you share with me on the meeting? I would like to post it on the Facebook page, Save Our South Shore Y.

    • Indeed, I did several weeks ago. But I’d rather not share details of it publicly until they are comfortable with it. This is a Cudahy School District effort — I just wanted to get an update on their plans and learn more first-hand.

  8. Tony

    What is going on at St. Adalbert’s church? I see a lot of construction lately.

    • Tony: The property has been sold, but the buyer and seller have asked that the city not share details on the transaction for now. And given that there is no city approval required for the reuse — and, hence, no public meetings, etc. — we must abide by their wishes. I expect more information to come on Monday.

  9. Jerry Truszynski

    Happy to join!

  10. Evyan Mustafovski

    Mayor Brooks, I’m messaging you about the redevelopment of SM. Are you still planning that microbrewery and restaurant space that was proposed in early fall of 2016. Please add more modern shops, restaurants and other things in SM. It will cause great development and good change. Also get rid of that Liquor store by the elementary school. Thanks. Please respond if you see this.

  11. Megan

    Hi Mayor Brooks! Love your blog, makes me feel very connected and involved in my new home (originally from Fond du Lac recently moved to s. Mke from Chicago). I came across this article recently about the Reich brothers purchasing the old shuttered Oscar Mayer plant in Madison. Apparently they like to repurpose industrial sites and there is shortage Nationwide and statewide for such sites. Might be a good contact for South Milwaukee when Cat decides to ditch.
    Here’s a link to that article. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  12. Margaret Hennessy

    Not sure who to contact but it is after 8 am and No one has plowed our street yet. Margaret Hennessy at 3405 Willow lane

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