Welcome to South Milwaukee Blog — a free source for news and information from around the city and South Shore since 2009.

Here is some of what you will find here: Event information, city and school news, local sports, and coverage of the people, businesses, organizations and institutions that make South Milwaukee uniquely South Milwaukee … with a clear focus on positivity. What you won’t find? The negativity and personal attacks so prevalent elsewhere on the internet and social media.

If you want screaming and yelling, go somewhere else.

Please let us others know about the blog — anyone who wants to be kept up to date on South Milwaukee news. And don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns via email at erikbrooks32@gmail.com. I also welcome coverage ideas (and content).

Please note this blog is not affiliated with the City of South Milwaukee, and the information and viewpoints contained in this website are solely those of Erik Brooks.

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  1. Sue D

    Thanks for keeping us informed about what’s happening in the city. I don’t have the time to go to meetings and I can never find any worthwhile information in the newspapers. Even though I live in the 1st district, I’m going to be checking in on your blog.

    • Patrice Van Hyle

      Dear Erik,

      I appreciate your blog and the ability for concerned citizens to voice their opinions on happenings in South Milwaukee. From what I have read thus far, you seem to be an open and fair person who wants to do right by his community. I also appreciate the fact that you clearly state that you have not yet made up your mind regarding the proposed construction of a new Walmart in the city of South Milwaukee. I do sincerely hope people will start to react and oppose this proposed construction as I feel it will harm our local and somewhat old-fashioned community and turn it into another modern-day frenzied town besieged by annoying traffic jams such as that surrounding other Walmarts in the city – on 27th street for example. I moved here from the East Side almost 6 years ago and loved and still do relish the small-town and neighborly feel of South Milwaukee. I do not feel we need a Walmart in this area and am convinced it would bring more harm than good. There are enough Walmarts in the city of Milwaukee, on the south side in particular (with two on 27th street, one off of Chase and 6th street), to go around. I am of the opinion that a Walmart here would only take away business from our already fledgling establishments such as K-Mart, Sears, Radio Shack, etc. If we really want to save a few cents on toilet paper, we can drive the extra few miles to 27th street and Rawson or any of the other ones mentioned. We already are a bit crowded with traffic congestion in our small radius and a Walmart on the main thoroughfare of Chicago Ave. would really add to the chaos and impede traffic horribly in my estimation. Please consider these points and consider that I speak for others who may not have the time or energy to speak up but who also want to preserve the small-town feel and ease of access in South Milwaukee without the need of a large retailer to swoop in and devour small prey – i.e., our local businesses.

  2. It would be nice if my aldermen made an attempt to keep people as informed as you do. When it comes to city politics it is hard to stay on top of things (with small children at home, not real easy to attend meetings).

    Keep up the good work and next time you see my aldermen give them the link to your blog to pass on to the rest of the 1st district constituants.

  3. Rick K

    Great information and updates. Very well done!

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  5. Gail Coon

    825 Michigan Avenue
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172

    City Administration Building
    2424 15th Avenue
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172


    All Aldermen of City of South Milwaukee,

    I am writing as a homeowner in the City of South Milwaukee, to voice my opposition to the addition of Walmart to our community.
    My husband and myself feel that the addition of a Walmart would be detrimental to our city, especially in the long run. It might temporarily add jobs and decrease the tax burden but the unseen issues that will occur in time are not being considered or addressed.

    We will have more crime and need for police deployment in that area subsequently leaving our city with less patrols, this will not be welcomed by our citizens. We will have a larger influx of an undesirable element into the area and an increase in traffic both automotive and large commercial trucks (semis) around the clock.

    Walmart will prove to be a harbinger of destruction to the small businesses that it will drive out, with prices that small owners can not possibly hope to compete with.

    This last major election in South Milwaukee was very close and myself and my husband with be out to vote in the next election, both for Mayor and our Alderperson.
    We will be paying close attention and spreading the word of the results of this vote on Walmart and voting accordingly.

    I am entreating you to vote for Walmart to NOT be built in this community.

    Gail Coon

    • Swe

      Gail i love your reply
      no to wal-mart is a fantastic thing I LOVE south Milwaukee just the way it is thats what attracted me here in the first place.

  6. Vincent Koehler

    Alderman Erik Brooks

    I discovered your blog through the Shepard Express rating yours as one of the two “Runners Up” in the “Neighborhood Blog” category, so I checked yours out.

    I was surprised to learn about the planned wastewater treatment upgrades and how much they will cost. (It seemed to me that not so long ago the city was expending considerable amounts in the water treatment plant.) And I almost regularly read the Council proceeding in the “NOW” publication, yet I missed this information.

    As a citizen of So. Milw. I as grateful for the extra time (and your skills) in creating your blog as a source explainging what is going on in our city.

    I am not in your district so I can’t help you get re-elected.

    District 1

  7. James Kowski

    Are the “my story started in SM” shirts still available? If so, can I get the details on how to get another one.

  8. Peggie Maciejewski

    Last week my son and I purchased the building at 1200 Milwaukee Ave. It will become the Milwaukee Sausage Company. I am hoping someone would have pictures and other information on this building. Thanks for any info. Peggie Maciejewski

  9. Alicia Dykstra

    Hello Mayor Brooks, my name is Alicia Dykstra and I am curious if the Church of Nazarene on 9th Avenue is still operating? The sign came down about a year ago, but I peeked in the windows and it still looks inhabited. If you have any information on this, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


    The veterans at the South Milwaukee Legion need our help. They are having a pig &chicken roast today for funding to fix their air conditioning. There must be a local heating & air conditioning co that could help them. Plus maybe a go-funding page. What do you think?

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