Armed Robbery Reported at South Milwaukee Aldi

I received a crime update from the South Milwaukee Police Department this evening. It’s a bit concerning, but I’m glad the SMPD got its man.

On Sunday, December 13, 2009 at about 11:54a.m. the Aldi grocery store at South Chicago Ave. and Drexel Blvd. was robbed by a lone, masked gunman. Witnesses saw a subject walk into the store with a black ski mask over his face. That subject walked to the back of store via the checkout lanes that were busy. The subject then walked to the back of the store and then came back to the sole cashier. The subject told her she needs to open her drawer and he pulled a gun (didn’t point it at anyone), took the money from the drawer and walked out of the store. Witnesses followed and obtained a good vehicle description and almost complete license plate of that car. This led to an arrest of a suspect within about 1 hour and 20 minutes of the robbery taking place. The suspect has not been charged as of this time, it is set to be reviewed in the next few days.

One thing that can be learned from this is when a person enters your business wearing a ski mask, and does not remove it, the Police should be called. Even in Wisconsin winters, it is not “normal” for a person to continue to wear a full mask inside a business. It is better to call the Police and determine nothing criminal is taking place than to wait until after an incident does occur. The sooner the Police are able to respond the better our chances of locating a suspect.

There was no immediate word on if this incident may be related to other recent armed robberies in Cudahy and St. Francis.

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