South Milwaukee Considers Aerotropolis Concept

The South Milwaukee Common Council will have a chance to weigh in on the Gateway Aerotropolis concept at its meeting on Tuesday, January 19.

I hope the end result is a strong endorsement.

The council will consider a resolution that declares the city’s support for the organization. It does not promise city funding for the group, but does pledge assistance in the identification and securing of possible funding.

I plan on voting for it. Why? Check out my previous post here.

The Milwaukee’s Gateway Aerotropolis vision and mission statements say it all: 

The Gateway to Milwaukee will be a vibrant and diverse transportation and commercial hub connecting and supporting the Milwaukee region with the rest of the world as a globally recognized economic engine that attracts business and people. …

The Gateway aerotropolis is a public-private partnership focused around General Mitchell International Airport that fosters regional economic collaboration by efficiently linking the region’s air, rail, road and shipping transportation capabilities. The partnership will focus on the evolution and implementation of a comprehensive strategy to generate the growth of business and communities in an aesthetically inviting aerotropolis area.

Consider it another example of a regional approach to economic development — where we have to focus if we’re going to grow our city and area.


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2 responses to “South Milwaukee Considers Aerotropolis Concept

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  2. Donna Plotz

    Glad to see someone finally put out a blog/email for residents to communicate with elected officials. I respect your privacy and would like to communicate when its convenient.

    Anyway, my thoughts are about the open lot on North Chicago Avenue. Could we possibly make this a community garden space at least until there is some serious discussion about actually building on it. The economy is low and people are interested in gardening. I would appreciate your thoughts…..Thank you

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