South Milwaukee Water Declared Safe

Good news — testing has come back showing no contaminants, and South Milwaukee water is now considered safe to drink.

You can learn more on the city’s website here. Click here to see the press release.

From the release:

Residents of South Milwaukee are now able to consume the city tap water, the city announced on Saturday.

They may now drink the water, use the water to cook food, make infant formula, and bathe infants as they normally would.  All South Milwaukee food establishments and businesses may resume operations as usual.

Per the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, tests have come back negative for any bacteria, following the repair Friday night of the City’s primary water main, which had broken earlier in the day.

Please call the Health Department at 414-768-8055 for more information.

A few additional points about the water emergency:

  • Dave Bartoshevich and I are doing our best to inform busineses, apartment complexes and other residents about the safe-water declaration, but we’d like your help in spreading the word. Please let your friends and neighbors know that the water is safe to consume.
  • There were four additional, and much smaller, water main breaks throughout the city resulting from the work to restore the flow of water. That includes one on Juniper Circle in the 4th District. The others occurred at 15th and Sherman, 6th and Clarke and 9th and Lakeview. Those are all expected to be repaired sometime today or tonight. While they’re being fixed, residents in those areas may not have water, perhaps for a few hours. City water crews will inform affected residents prior to shutting off their water.
  • I can’t thank our city administration, staff, and volunteers for their work of the past couple of days.  Health Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, Water Department — you name it, and our people really stepped up to ensure city residents got through this emergency as good as could be expected. A big thanks also to the the county emergency volunteers who poured in Friday to help with the water giveaway — and to those companies, organizations and communities who donated bottles and gallons of water.

And, finally, here’s one idea of the scope of what happened Friday. When the primary water main broke leading from the water plant, one million gallons of water drained from the city water tower over the next nearly four hours, nearly emptying it completely. Tapping into the Oak Creek water system helped refill the tower until we got our system back online.


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2 responses to “South Milwaukee Water Declared Safe

  1. Thanks Erik for the update. Good to hear the issue is almost fixed. And, thanks for letting people know they can come to Anytime Fitness for the free water, 10 am – 2 pm today, Saturday. Anything else we can do to help, let us know. Thanks again!

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