Szablewski Running as South Milwaukee School Board Write-In Candidate

Now, it’s two candidates for two seats.

Nick Szablewski has declared his write-in candidacy for South Milwaukee School Board, joining incumbent Theresa C. Travia in the race for two seats.

You’ll recall that, unfortunately, Travia was the only declared candidate for some time after fellow incumbent Kristin Grenier-Drenzek decided not to run for re-election.

That guaranteed that a write-in candidate would be elected to the School Board. Szablewski is the first to enter the race … although I’m sure he won’t be the last.

You probably recognize Szablewski’s name. He has run unsuccessfully several times for the City Council and School Board.

The 38-year-old South Milwaukee High School graduate is a lifelong city resident. He has two daughters at South Milwaukee Middle School, the third generation in South Milwaukee schools.

He says “the state funding formula is a contributing factor to South Milwaukee’s school district budgetary problems.”

“Each year,” he writes, “the problem seems to get progressively worse.  We need to think outside of the box for new and different fundraiser’s for programs at the schools. One way might be to get local businesses to sponsor district sports teams, or sell advertising space on the school district web site, as other districts are considering to create some additional revenues.”

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