Oak Creek Patch Site Launches

Oak Creek has a new local news source. South Milwaukee? Not so much (other than my blog, of course).

The Oak Creek Patch.com site has launched, and with it hyperlocal coverage that that community hasn’t seen since the demise of the Oak Creek Pictorial newspaper. For instance, as I write this, the front page has stories on a car crash, the Oak Creek boys’ basketball team and student artists, as well as guides to local businesses and events. The site is edited by Mark Schaaf, who previously worked for the local NOW papers.

You can learn more about Patch in my previous post.

As I’ve said, I like the Patch concept. With the demise of the local community weekly newspapers and continually dwindling south suburban coverage in the Journal Sentinel, there is a huge demand for community news in this area. It’s just too bad that Patch only has plans for certain communities — and South Milwaukee is apparently not among them.

(Nor is Elm Grove, apparently. As an aside, a local businessman has started a monthly newspaper in that community for much the same reason I started this blog and the same reason Patch feels it can make inroads in the Milwaukee area.)

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