Storm Update: Plowing, Downtown Snow Removal, Self-Deposit and More …

Here is some new information regarding the Blizzard of ’11 …

  • The Street Department has started working on snow removal efforts to clear intersections and alley approaches.  Crews will be in this weekend to continue this process.
  • The South Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce sent out an update on downtown snow removal today. See it here.
  • The self-deposit station will be closed until further notice. It was originally scheduled to reopen on Saturday.
  • I also received an email from County Supervisor Pat Jursik specifically relating to 15th Avenue sidewalks, saying: “I have received many concerns about snow removal on sidewalks along 15th Avenue, particularly between Rawson and Milwaukee Avenues. 15th Avenue is a critical route to school for many South Milwaukee pedestrians. This area is the jurisdiction of Milwaukee County Parks Department. These walkways are on the priority list. The Parks Department is currently clearing emergency access areas and sidewalks. I have requested that the Parks staff prioritize clearing these sidewalks.”
  • And don’t forget about shoveling out your nearby fire hydrants.

Again, thanks for your patience during the storm and its cleanup. This was truly a historic winter storm, and I know city workers are doing their absolute best to deal with it.

As always, please let me know of your continued feedback.

And I’ll leave you with this photo, which sums up the headaches of the past few days as well as any …

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One response to “Storm Update: Plowing, Downtown Snow Removal, Self-Deposit and More …

  1. Jerome Kaiser

    There are 2 videos on You Tube showing South Milwaukee in 1932 you might find interesting. It shows a lot of the people and businesses. Go to You Tube and enter: South Milwaukee 1932. There are 2 10 minute segments.

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