Heroes in Action: Police Department Honors Officers, Citizens … and Buddy

Heroes. There is no other way to describe the actions of the people (and even a pet) that we honored at Tuesday’s City Council meeting as part of National Peace Officers Week and National Police Officers Week.

Entering a burning building to wake sleeping residents. Keeping a man from jumping into the Mill Pond waterfall. Catching a crook trying to resell a stolen ring. Partnering with man’s best friend to save someone who nearly died in the February blizzard.

These are just some of the stories we heard about … and some of the reasons we should thank our police officers and others who keep our community safe everyday. This where our tax dollars go, providing first-class services like this.

Congratulations, everyone!

Check out the stories here.


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4 responses to “Heroes in Action: Police Department Honors Officers, Citizens … and Buddy

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