New Look To South Milwaukee Bus Service: Route 15 Changes Take Effect Sunday

The changes to Route 15 — South Milwaukee’s only bus line — take effect Sunday morning.

As you recall, a new Route 52 will replace some of the 15’s service in the South Shore, including South Milwaukee.

  • Route 52 will now operate on Pennsylvania and 15th Avenues, looping on to Rawson, 10th, Chicago, Drexel Boulevard and 17th.
  • Route 15 will continue to operate down Chicago Avenue and make a loop starting at Madison Avenue, continuing down 5th, west on Columbia and back north on Chicago.

This Milwaukee County Transit System publication describes the new routes in more detail and includes a color map. This document lists all of the new Route 15/52 bus stop locations.

You can also learn more about the system-wide changes in this Journal Sentinel story and on this MCTS web page

Of course, I’d like your thoughts on these changes. Post your comments below!

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One response to “New Look To South Milwaukee Bus Service: Route 15 Changes Take Effect Sunday

  1. Chenzo

    Yay!! Just one more reason to love living in Rawson ave. I know Rawson is a busy street, what with gravel trucks, semis, and the teenagers flying down the road. Now I get to look forward to the County bus rumbling past the house.
    The other great part is I can’t sell my house because good ole South Milwaukee lowered my property value by 30K. I guess I should be happy because the new Walmart won’t attract any bad elements that will be convienently delivered in our neighborhood. Needless to say my comfort lies in the fact that I have my CCW.

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