Celebrating South Milwaukee’s Baseball And Football Coach … And His Wife

South Milwaukee NOW has a great story on South Milwaukee High School baseball and football coach John Galewski and his wife Sandy — who both will be honored by the  Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association in February.

John will be inducted into the WBCA Hall of Fame. Sandy is the organization’s Woman of the Year.

Check out the story here. From it:

“Throughout the 25 years, the most dependable person I had was her,” said John, who nominated his wife in October. “She picks up any job I need her to do. The only thing I always knew from year to year was I’d always get help in any area I needed from her.

“It was something where I didn’t know if she’d win or not, but at least she’d find out I was thinking of her.”

John and Sandi’s relationship has always included baseball, softball or coaching. For eight years of their marriage, John played softball five days a week and on the weekends from April to October, many of those years when the couple had young children.

At times, he was coaching as many as three high school sports, including girls basketball and football.

Even today, John is South Milwaukee High School’s head football and baseball coach. But never once did Sandi issue an ultimatum and make John choose between her and athletics or coaching. As she puts it, how could she? The family loved traveling around on the weekends, taking mini-vacations to watch John play softball, and coaching, well, that brought out a special side of her husband.

“Once he started coaching, you could tell it was his passion,” Sandi said. “The passion he had for it, and how many lives of kids he’s changed, kids that didn’t have that fatherly figure … I just saw how much he loved it, and I wouldn’t want anyone to tell me I can’t do something that I loved.”

Congratulations to John and Sandy. Well deserved!


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4 responses to “Celebrating South Milwaukee’s Baseball And Football Coach … And His Wife

  1. Buddy Barnes

    Well deserved John and Sandy…. CONGRATULATIONS

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  3. J.K.Lofy

    Way to go John and Sandy, congrads.

  4. Nels Monson

    SM Class of ’75… Represent!!

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