New State Post For Sullivan

Gov. Scott Walker’s newest adviser is former Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan.

Sullivan will head Walker’s office of business development, it was announced Thursday.

Check out coverage in the Journal Sentinel and the Business Journal, and here is the press release.

From the release:

Job creators from all across Wisconsin have identified a skills gap between the jobs they have available and the workers applying to fill them. Manufacturers, in particular, identify this skills gap as one of the top barriers to business growth. Similarly, our technical colleges report difficulty in filling many of their manufacturing training courses with qualified students. That’s why Governor Walker has worked closely with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Workforce Development on ongoing strategies for tackling the problem.

To help develop and drive these strategies across a variety of agencies and institutions, the Administration is utilizing the expertise of a consultant who brings a track record of private sector success and vast experience and understanding of the workforce development issues job creators look at when deciding where to grow.

As Special Consultant for Business and Workforce Development, Sullivan will be help identify barriers to business development and job growth in Wisconsin. He will focus especially on workforce, employment environment, and policy issues. He will also help identify and cultivate business prospects for expansion and relocation to Wisconsin.

Sullivan will also head up the Office of Business Development, serve as Chairman of the Council on Workforce Investment and as member of the College and Workforce Readiness Council. Sullivan is serving the state as a volunteer.

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