Look Closely: South Milwaukee Is All Over The New Aaron Rodgers-Ford Commercials

This is really, really cool …

So, there are three new Aaron Rodgers-Ford television spots being released, and they have a distinctly local feel — as in, large parts of them were shot in South Milwaukee.

See the story and ads here.

And I’ll let Ante Udovicic, athletics and activities director for the South Milwaukee School District, take it from there …

“If you watch the commercial shown at the top and 2 others down below on the website page, you will see commercials featuring  Aaron Rodgers. What is most interesting about these commercials is the location for parts of this shoot that was shot on a Sunday in July. If you look closely, you will see the following areas from the South Milwaukee 6-12 campus:


  • Rawson Woods – Opening scene shows Rodgers running through Rawson Woods…really, that’s Rawson Woods!
  • Middle School Weight Room – Rodgers is lifting weights & then using our boys track team’s heavy ropes
  • Practice Field east of Spaltholz Field – Rodgers is pulling a tire on our east practice field
  • Spaltholz Field – Rodgers is running tires on our football field (you can see the visiting team benches in the background and then you can catch a glimpse of the SM water tower too)

COMMERCIAL #2 (labeled http://www.cutters.com/q?id=3940)

  • Football/Wrestling Locker Room – As Rodgers puts his jersey on, you can catch a glimpse of the lockers and the small square tile floor in the locker room that our FB & Wrestling teams use in the middle school)
  • Hallway by Door #40 – Rodgers runs through the hallway nearest the middle school weight room leading to the area between the HS & MS that leads to the Door #34 entrance.

COMMERCIAL #3 (labeled http://www.cutters.com/q?id=3944)

  • You will see 3 passes thrown to actors. Those passes were not actually thrown by Rodgers, they were thrown by 2012 SM grad, former SM QB, and current football player at Concordia University, Pat Berg!

COMMERCIAL #4 (labeled http://www.cutters.com/q?id=3952)

  • This is more of a “making of” clip and not a commerciall actually. And it is true, it only took Rodgers 2 takes to make the throw. This was shot at a farm in Muskego and is a pretty cool clip to see.

While it is not immediately obvious that these scenes from the 3 Ford commercials were shot on the SM 6-12 campus, this explanation hopefully will help you notice it next time you see one of these commercials on TV.”

I told you this was cool 🙂 Ante, thanks for sharing.


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3 responses to “Look Closely: South Milwaukee Is All Over The New Aaron Rodgers-Ford Commercials

  1. Amanda Falkowski

    Can someone share the link for the 1st Aaron Rodgers video?! Thanks!

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