South Milwaukee Walmart To Open April 10

Probably the most-asked question I get these days is, “When is the South Milwaukee Walmart opening?” The answer: April 10.

Walmart has already begun hiring for the new store at 222 N. Chicago Ave., and they are looking for approximately 220 employees, at least half of them full-time. They’ve already hired 80.

A temporary Walmart office has opened near 10th and Milwaukee Avenues, although prospective employees should apply online at or at their Franklin (27th Street) or Greendale (76th Street) stores.

I’ll share more details as the opening date approaches.


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19 responses to “South Milwaukee Walmart To Open April 10

  1. Paul

    Truth must hurt, Since you won’t post the truth about walmart you will never get our vote and everyone I know that did not want walmart in town will never vote for you.

    • Connie

      Most definitely I will NEVER vote for anyone who supported this Walmart tragedy in any way. Not posting the truth about Walmart just like not letting anyone have a voice in this. I can only wish the worst possible for this Walmart!

      • mary

        Thank you Connie. Many who have commented here are short-sighted or just plain blind to what Walmart is doing to our communities and economy in general.

  2. Al Douglas

    You’ve got my vote. Lots of opportunities for high school kids to make some money, learn some life skills and start on a path to be productive citizens. Our society needs more of this and less of the “Negative Nancy” contained in the previous post.

  3. Rick

    Can’t wait until WalMart opens!!!

  4. Autumn Bachmann

    Looking forward to the opening of the SM Walmart!

  5. RocketMom

    You’ve got my vote – most of the community does not know that over 50% of our school children are on free & reduced lunch. Our community needs this store, and the potential for some new jobs.

  6. Cudahys Loss

    Paul, What is the truth about Walmart. Remember no one has to work or shop there, it is by choice.

    • Connie

      Too bad we didn’t also have a choice about Walmart moving into our neighborhood. It’s easy to talk if it’s not in your front yard!

  7. Nikki kingery

    I’m super excited about the new Walmart! I live directly across the street. I have one question tho… Is it just market/ pharmacy??0r will they also carry electronics and home goods … Clothing etc…???

    • Nikki: It is both a grocery and general merchandise store, with a pharmacy. So it should have all of the things you reference above.

    • Connie

      How can you possibly live right across the street and be excited about it? It’s going to ruin the area, will be interesting to see how excited you are a few months from now!

    • mary

      Walmart will carry all the items you want made by slaves in other countries. When that country’s standard of living increases enough, those workers won’t want to work as as slaves anymore, Walmart will find new workers in another underdeveloped country, and so on. Until we come full circle. Won’t it be great to buy American products again, manufactured by our own slave labor?

  8. Randy

    Anyone know what the store hours will be?

  9. mary

    Eric, you must be talking to different people. The most frequently asked question I hear about Walmart is not “when,” but, “Why…?”

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