Getting People To Slow Down

20140720_200421American Family Insurance — the Jim Incledon Agency — has again stepped up with a donation of “slow down” yard signs to the city. Want one or three for your neighborhood? Contact South Milwaukee Police Lt. Chad Milow at 768-8060 or by email.

Thanks to Jim and American Family for the continued partnership — and the joint commitment to make our neighborhoods safer.

The Incledon Agency is located in Sunrise Plaza in South Milwaukee, 2410 10th Ave.


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2 responses to “Getting People To Slow Down

  1. SM Guy

    How about instead of some signs that will just be ignored except by the people who don’t need them anyway, we start getting the businesses to donate to a “sidewalk creation fund” – like for the neighborhood in your picture? Remember when Walmart was first proposed, there were residents down on the far end of Badger saying the traffic was going to be so bad and it was going to be so dangerous for the children? Even though the Walmart traffic never happened, they need sidewalks there too.

    • Ryan

      I believe there are nurmerous other things that the city of South Milwaukee should focus on besides putting sidewalks every where. Lets focus on revitalizing this city and putting money and man power into creating a place to draw people in, I believe sidewalks will not do that. Local businesses don’t even have the means to do capital improvements on there own business yet alone starting another fund. I agree about the signs and people ignoring them, just take a look at the number of people that don’t even slow down for known STOP signs, maybe speed humps would help people slow down on side streets. Just my two cents…

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