Some headlines from around the South Shore, including a touching story from South Milwaukee …

NOW has published a new police blotter.

And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had great review of the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center’s performance over the weekend …

“Br(OK)en Genius” at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center: The best thing about this spoken-word event was its truth-telling about issues of race and inequality in Milwaukee. The operative word for the evening may have been “but,” placing an array of ideas in opposition to raw realities. Some of the best performances were the most minimal. Christopher McIntyre, the impresario of the night, contributed photography, which set the tone as much as anything else. His willful hopefulness is something to behold. It’s forceful but fragile. I wonder if the world — and the art world — will disappoint.

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  1. Ott Marlene

    Hi Erik

    I had a student of mine from my first year teaching in Winneconne contact me recently that she has maintained ties with a pen pal she also started in one of my classes. They visit each other and are meeting again this summer. I wondered if the person in this story who started this friendship got her pen pal in one of my classes; probably not, but it was a sweet reminder that some long distance relationships resulted from those projects and that some of those kids persevered in maintaining those connections…although now on line instead of hand-written.

    Your blog is a wonderful service to SM and a great modern method of community building. I know that, like maintaining a pen pal, it takes significant time and effort and I want to be sure that you hear that it is appreciated. I often hear references to things in your blog when I am with others.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Marlene Ott

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