Arrest Made In Tri-City Robbery And Other Headlines

The South Milwaukee Police Department reports that an arrest has been made in Saturday’s robbery of the downtown South Milwaukee branch of Tri-City National Bank.

Police are seeking formal state charges on the suspect. More information to come …

And check out these South Shore headlines, including more on the power outage the other day from the snowstorm …

And NOW has published a new police blotter.

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One response to “Arrest Made In Tri-City Robbery And Other Headlines

  1. Mary

    South Milwaukee residents miss the old S.M. Voice Journal and the Community Newspaper. All the local news helped us to keep up with the City’s activities and happenings and made us aware of our neighbors and their births, deaths, marriages, awards and honors, elections, etc. It would be great to have news other than Police arrests in the NOW publication.We would appreciate being advised about Health Department services and dates, off-the-street parking dates, absentee voting information, property tax information, Council and Committee meetings dates and times. Possibly a City Hall employee or a high school student planning to go into the reporting field would like to work on putting that information on our City’s Blog.

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