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The “False Dichotomies” Of The Transportation Debate And Other Local Headlines

Milwaukee County and South Shore Supervisor Pat Jursik had a thought-provoking editorial in Sunday Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel, in which she criticized the “false dichotomies” that pervade the debate over road building and transit.

From it:

Community columnist Nancy Ettenheim on Sept. 2 mischaracterized my “really, big millennial” idea as just another new freeway. In effect, Ettenheim is singing the same old song: the Milwaukee blues. This is the blues of false dichotomies: If you support a bike trail, you can’t have a road; if you support buses, you can’t have a bike rack; if you support road building, you can’t have bikes or buses.

Check out the full pieceĀ here.

And check out these other local headlines:

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