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Small House Fire In South Milwaukee

There was a small house fire Saturday evening at 625 Sherman Ave. in South Milwaukee.

No one was hurt, and the excessive heat made it a difficult one to fight. It also provides a good reminder about overloading electrical outlets.

Here is the report from Acting South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter …

The original call came in from the occupancy reporting a smell of smoke in a second floor bedroom of the two-story dwelling. Arriving personnel encountered an odor and light smoke on the second floor and after a intensive search, discovered wood framing members, cellulose insulation and a plastic (PVC) plumbing vent stack burning in a roof area above a rear addition to the dwelling. Due to a lack of access to the area, the roof had to be opened up to expose the fire and complete extinguishment and overhaul. Due to the excessive heat of the day, additional SMFD personnel were sent to the scene to assist in the overhaul process. In true SMFD fashion, crews cleaned up the debris in the house and yard and returned as much of the yard to normal to assist the family with their plans for a yard party tomorrow. The cause of the fire was attributed to overheated electrical wires on a circuit that was overtaxed due to two window air conditioners being powered off of the single circuit. The family was extremely appreciative of our efforts and even apologetic for calling on such a hot day! Nice job by all involved and Capt. Czajkowski for organizing the scene. No injuries were reported.

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Consolidation Update: City Council Backs Funding For Public Policy Forum Study

Should South Milwaukee consolidate its fire, emergency medical and/or dispatch services with Cudahy and St. Francis?

I think it’s much too early to say. We need facts.

And that’s what the three cities are seeking in a study to be done by the Public Policy Forum.

For its part, the South Milwaukee City Council vote unanimously to authorize spending $5,000 toward our portion of the study at its meeting Tuesday night.

Check out the resolution here. From it:

… The City of South Milwaukee hereby pledges its support and authorizes $5,000 in financial assistance to participate in the Public Policy Forum’s fact-based effort to review the potential for coordinating, sharing, or consolidating fire services, EMS services, police dispatch, and/or fire dispatch services as a means of improving the cost-effectiveness and maintaining the quality of such services to the extent possible. 

St. Francis and Cudahy were expected to approve the same resolution Tuesday night.

I look forward to the results of the study and the information it will give us toward helping make this decision — one that we have to consider as we confront a $160,000 loss of paramedic revenue from the county this year (and another significant cut likely in 2013).

I continue to believe strongly that consolidation should be explored with some of our city services, especially in these economics times. At the same time, I will be hesitant to support a consolidated service that is any worse than the existing service.

In other words, if we can do it the same or better for less money, great. If not, I would have a hard time backing the change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Report: No One Hurt In South Milwaukee Fire

Update: The fire, reported at 1:47 a.m. Tuesday, causd an estimated $35,000 in damage, according to the Fire Department. A neighbor reported seeing flames in a second-story window, called it in and apparently helped the person get out of the house.

There was a bedroom fire at 214 Laurel Lane early Tuesday morning, but thankfully no one was hurt. Check out the story and video on Fox 6.

I’ll keep you posted if I learn more.

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Firefighter, Resident Hurt In Destructive South Milwaukee House Fire

Thank a firefighter today, please.

Thank them for putting their lives on the line to fight fires like the one at 901 Monroe Ave. on Saturday night. Check out a photo below, one I shot while I happened to be nearby putting up farmers’ market signs when firefighters responded to the blaze …

Click here to read details on the fire from an email from Fire. Capt. John Cjazkowski early this morning. And here is a Patch story.

One other note from the photo: Those are indeed firefighters standing on that roof as the fire rages within a few feet of them.

Thankless, and heroic work.

As I said, thank a firefighter today … and keep the families displaced by this fire in your thoughts and prayers .

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