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Update: Second Silver Alert Issued Cancelled; South Milwaukee Man Found Safe


The missing South Milwaukee man was found safe in Michigan, according to the South Milwaukee Police Department.

Previously, police had issued this alert …

On Sunday Nov 8, 2015 75yr old South Milwaukee resident Garry Lonergan was reported missing to the South Milwaukee PD. Lonergan is believed to be driving a beige 1998 Trans Sport Pontiac minivan, WI. license plate 169RBK, and was last seen on the evening of 11/06/15. Lonergan suffers from several health issues, does not have his medication with him, and may be confused. Lonergan has been entered into the state-wide Silver Alert system as a missing person. Please call 911 if you see Mr. Lonergan or his vehicle.

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Suspect Sought In Azteca Robbery

Azteca robbery

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

On October 18, 2015 a burglary was discovered to have occurred at the Azteca Restaurant in South Milwaukee.  The subject pictured below forced his way into the restaurant and took U.S. currency. 

The City of South Milwaukee Police is looking for assistance in identifying this subject.  Anyone with any information about this crime or any other crime is encouraged to contact the South Milwaukee Police Department at the above listed phone number (414-768-8060) or via the internet at http://www.smpolice.com.

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Friday: Support Justice For A Cure

Pink Day

Program begins at noon … then a parade of squads to raise awareness, and funds for breast cancer research.

See you there!

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Be On The Lookout: Strangers And Kids

A message from the South Milwaukee Police Department … please be vigilant.

Please be advised that the police department has received several complaints this week involving a man in his 50’s to 60’s, with long gray hair, dressed in “Cowboy” garb, walking around in the area of Lakeview School and speaking to young boys. A parent recalled seeing a subject matching the description a few days earlier at a local gas station and driving a red pickup truck. It is unknown if this is the same person. The SMPD has located and spoken with two individuals matching the general physical description and have determined neither one to be involved. Based upon the information that we have received no crime has been committed, but please take the time to educate your children. Please reinforce with them not engage in conversations with strangers, to tell an adult ASAP if approached, and to call the police. Should a person matching that description be seen again, please do not make contact with the subject, but instead contact the SMPD at 768-8060. If driving a vehicle, a detailed description along with a license plate would be helpful.

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Recognizing Our Police (And Citizen) Heroes

2015 police honorees

Tuesday’s South Milwaukee City Council meeting was one of my favorite ones of the year — our chance to recognize police officers and citizens for their life-saving and heroic acts, and all-around good work and partnership.

In all, six officers, one public safety officer, two auxiliary officers, three citizens and one business were honored with awards as part of National Peace Officers Week. Here is a full list of winners, and their stories.

I congratulate and thank all of them. Among the stories …

Investigator Hill – nominated by Officer Rivamonte

On December 20, 2014 at approximately 9:44pm the South Milwaukee Police Department took a report of a suicidal subject who had slashed his wrists and left his mother’s residence on bicycle.  Officers were given the general area of Grant Park to search for the subject who was in a mental health crisis.  After searching for a significant amount of time Investigator Hill located the subject’s bicycle hidden in some bushes; after searching the area he located the subject.  The subject was unconscious and bleeding from cuts to both wrists.  Investigator Hill provided immediate medical assistance to the subject.  Officers carried the subject to Lake Drive so the South Milwaukee Fire Department could treat his injuries.  If Investigator Hill had not continued to search for the subject he would have died in Grant Park that evening (it was cold 15 degrees and the subject was not properly clothed).                     

Officer Dews, Officer Fournier, PSO Maxim and Auxiliary Officer Ceparski – nominated by Officer McLean

On February 16, 2015 at approximately 3:27am the South Milwaukee Police Department received a 911 transfer call from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.  PSO Maxim was unable to speak with the 911 caller as the phone call ended prior to transferring.  PSO Maxim was unable to make contact with the 911 caller as calls went to voicemail.  PSO Maxim advised officers the 911 caller had reported he had fallen in the woods in Grant Park near the lagoon.  PSO Maxim looked up the 911 coordinates to assist in locating the caller.  Officers searched the area described by the 911 caller and found him lying on the snow covered ground.  The subject was unable to stand and officers carried him to the roadway where the South Milwaukee Fire Department took over and transported the man to St. Luke’s South Shore for medical treatment.  Had the officers not located the man he possibly would have died due to the cold weather conditions.

Mrs. Phylis Stoesser

Lt. Milow nominated Mrs. Stoesser for a Citizen’s Recognition Award for her actions on July 2, 2014.

On July 2, 2014 the South Milwaukee Police Department took a report of a missing elderly woman with early stage dementia/Alzheimer’s from the 1500 block of Manitowoc Avenue.  Mrs. Stoesser observed an elderly woman near her residence (1000 Block of N. Chicago) who appear confused and lost.  Mrs. Stoesser engaged the woman in conversation and then began to follow her as she continued to walk on N. Chicago.  Mrs. Stoesser notified the police department who upon arriving at the scene determine the elderly woman to be the one missing from the 1500 block of Manitowoc Avenue.  Mrs. Stoesser’s compassion and concern for the woman is commendable.

The department also honored longtime former auxiliary officer Kurt Olson for his volunteer service to the city, and Mike Wolf, manager of the South Milwaukee Walmart, for their support of the Shop with a Cop program and Community Night Out.


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Police: South Milwaukee Man Arrested After Confronting Officers With Firearm

Yet another reason to thank you to our police officers for all they do …

From the South Milwaukee Department:

On Thursday February 26, 2015 at about 8:00pm the City of South Milwaukee Police Department was called to a home in the 3200 Block of 15th Avenue in the City of South Milwaukee, for a report of a man making threats to his family that he was going to “Commit Suicide by Cop”.  The callers further reported that the man making these threats was in possession of an improvised firearm fashioned from a BB gun and a shotgun shell.

Upon arrival of the officers they were confronted by the man at the front door.  The man was brandishing what was later determined to be a BB gun with a live shotgun shell affixed to it.  The man ignored orders to drop the item and surrender but did eventually throw the object down and walk out of the residence toward officers, while telling the officers to shoot him.  The man did not comply with further directions to be taken safely into custody and an electronic control devise (ECD/Taser) was deployed on the subject.  The man was then forced into handcuffs and taken into custody.  The man stated that he tried to fire the weapon at the officers but threw it down when it failed to go off. 

The man continued to resist after he was taken into custody, kicking one officer in the chest. The man, a 23 year old resident of South Milwaukee, was transported by ambulance to an area hospital for medical examination.  No officers were injured to the point of seeking medical attention.  This matter will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for possible criminal charges.     

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Police Nab Sex Offender Fugitive

Thanks again to the South Milwaukee Police Department for keeping us safe … more great work.

The press release …

On the evening of October 31st, 2014, SMPD received an anonymous call regarding the whereabouts of a felony sex offender fugitive that had been featured on Fox 6 that evening.  This person was being sought by the U.S. Marshals, along with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Corrections.  After verifying the offender, Christopher Perkins, might be staying with a girlfriend in the 600 block of Mackinac Ave, officers conducted a knock and talk at the residence.  Christopher Perkins was found inside the residence and surrendered without incident.  The South Milwaukee Police Department would like to thank our community partners for assisting in the recovery of this fugitive.

Here is that Fox 6 story.

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Celebrating Our Police And Citizen Heroes

Thank a police officer today … and those among us who help them do their jobs and make South Milwaukee a safer place to live.

The South Milwaukee Police Department and the City Council did just that Tuesday night, honoring a number of officers and citizens for their work saving lives and solving crimes.

It’s all a part of National Police Officers Week this week.

See a list of honorees, and their stories, here … and let’s all celebrate these everyday heroes. One example:

Mr. Joseph DeLong      

Officer Mick Olson recommended Mr. DeLong for a Citizen Recognition Award for his action on February 17, 2012.

On February 17, 2012 Mr. DeLong was working as a United States Postal Carrier in the City of South Milwaukee.  While on his route Mr. DeLong observed three days of accumulated mail at a residence.  He felt this was unusual and notified his supervisor who then contacted SMPD.  Officers responded to the residence, forced entry into the residence under the community care taker role and located an elderly home owner on the floor of the residence.  The owner had fallen three days earlier and was unable to get up.  Because of Mr. DeLong’s actions this individual was able to get help when he needed it the most. 

Although the Police Department has been called to residences by mail carriers in the past, this was the first time a resident was found in duress.  Mr. DeLong’s actions saved the resident’s life.


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Gypsy Scam Alert From South Milwaukee PD

Just got this notice from the South Milwaukee Police Department about a “gypsy” scam occurring in our area.

Strange, and scary, stuff. See it here.

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Deal Struck: South Milwaukee Council Approves, Union Ratifies New Police Contract

The city and its police officers have a new contract.

Officers ratified the three-year deal on Tuesday night, the same night the South Milwaukee City Council voted unanimously to approve the new contract.

Some highlights:

  • The deal includes a 1% pay raise retroactive to Jan. 1, followed by a 1.25% raise to go into effect on July 1. In 2013, the deal calls for a 2% pay raise on Jan. 1 and a 1% raise on July 1. A 3% raise goes into effect on January 1, 2014.
  • The contract also calls for union members to pay more for their health insurance and, over time, have their contributions to the lowest cost health plan equal that of the city’s non-union workers (and AFSCME employees starting this summer). So by January 1, 2014, the city will pay 88% of the lowest cost health plan for all city workers, excluding firefighters, who have yet to agree to a new deal with the city. New police hires will contribute 12% immediately, under the new deal. The contribution for current officers is phased in over the next two years to get to that 12%.
  • The same phasing approach holds true for retirement contributions, and by July 1, 2014, all police officers will pay 100% of the employee-required contribution to their Wisconsin Retirement Fund pension – the same percentage all non-public safety employees will be paying by then.

This deal is good example of shared sacrifice, and it certainly brings a level of pain to both sides.

For the police officers, as with other public workers who have been forced to pay more for their benefits in the past year, the pay raises won’t be enough to cover the increased health insurance and pension contributions. So, in essence, the deal represents a take-home pay cut.

For the city, the fact we’re providing a pay raise this year negatively impacts our budget to the tune of more than $130,000. We always knew this was a possibility when we approved our 2012 budget last fall, but the reality is sobering, and the pay raises will require significant cuts to a police department budget already cut to the bone. The immediate impact: We likely won’t fill an open officer position for the foreseeable future to help cover the added costs.

 In other words, times are as tough as ever with local budgets. And the resulting cuts are real. This contract fairly reflects that.

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Consolidation Update: City Council Backs Funding For Public Policy Forum Study

Should South Milwaukee consolidate its fire, emergency medical and/or dispatch services with Cudahy and St. Francis?

I think it’s much too early to say. We need facts.

And that’s what the three cities are seeking in a study to be done by the Public Policy Forum.

For its part, the South Milwaukee City Council vote unanimously to authorize spending $5,000 toward our portion of the study at its meeting Tuesday night.

Check out the resolution here. From it:

… The City of South Milwaukee hereby pledges its support and authorizes $5,000 in financial assistance to participate in the Public Policy Forum’s fact-based effort to review the potential for coordinating, sharing, or consolidating fire services, EMS services, police dispatch, and/or fire dispatch services as a means of improving the cost-effectiveness and maintaining the quality of such services to the extent possible. 

St. Francis and Cudahy were expected to approve the same resolution Tuesday night.

I look forward to the results of the study and the information it will give us toward helping make this decision — one that we have to consider as we confront a $160,000 loss of paramedic revenue from the county this year (and another significant cut likely in 2013).

I continue to believe strongly that consolidation should be explored with some of our city services, especially in these economics times. At the same time, I will be hesitant to support a consolidated service that is any worse than the existing service.

In other words, if we can do it the same or better for less money, great. If not, I would have a hard time backing the change.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Keeping Our Streets Safe: South Milwaukee Police File Annual Report For 2010

One reason I love living in South Milwaukee is our safe streets — and we can thank our hard-working police department for a lot of that.

The department’s 2010 annual report is now available on its website, and it contains some good news around crime.

Among the highlights:

  • Violent crime fell 41 percent in 2010 (16 incidents) from 2009 (27), although that included two homicides. One, a case reported on Milwaukee Avenue, saw a suspect arrested, charged and sentenced. The other — which occurred at the Badger Place Apartments — remains under investigation.
  • Property crime increased 1.2% in 2010, including increases in burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft and arson.
  • The crime clearance rate was 34.4% in 2010, nearly double the 17.8% of 2009.
  • Calls for service fell 2.7% from 24,224 in 2009 to 23,561 in 2010.

Of course, the report is quite comprehensive, and it contains much more than crime information. I encourage you to read it … and learn more about how our police department delivers first-class service to city residents.

It also includes a note from Chief Ann Wellens. From it:

As I look back over the past year’s accomplishments, I feel very proud of the effort Department members put forth.  The focus, however, is on the future.  We are continually adjusting our strategies, methods and techniques.  Today’s problems cannot be solved using yesterday’s solutions.  Innovation and creativity are key ingredients to further success.

I couldn’t agree more.

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South Milwaukee Police Search For 15 Year Old With Rare Genetic Disorder

Updated: Kayla was found later Tuesday evening near 105th and Hampton Avenue in Milwaukee. See the updated release here.

Police are searching for a 15-year-old South Milwauke High School student who went missing from school this morning.

But Kayla Sirovina is not a typical runaway.

From the press release:

Sirovina suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome. The disorder does not allow her to control her hunger.  Unsupervised, she will eat until her stomach ruptures.

She is 5-foot-2, 144 pounds with brown or hazel hair and was last seen wearing a hooded jacket, blue jeans and white, pink and silver tennis shooes. If you see here, please call police at 768-8060.

Check out the Fox 6 story, with photo, here.

I’ll keep you posted on this story as I hear more.

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Brief Update on Last Week’s Homicide

I know people are wondering if there is anything new coming out of last week’s homicide at the Badger Place Apartments on North Chicago Avenue.

So I asked South Milwaukee Police Chief Ann Wellens for more information.

She told me the investigation continues, and police do not believe the crime was a random act. Chief Wellens also said the victim’s vehicle has been recovered.  

That’s all I have for now. I’ll keep readers posted on the case.

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Crime Update: Scary Incident Thankfully Ends Well

A harrowing incident for one 4th District resident reminds us all to remain vigilant against crime … even in broad daylight. From the press release put out by the South Milwaukee Police Department this week:

On Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at approximately 1:30 p.m. a resident of South Milwaukee, Southtowne Apartments, observed a subject attempting to break into his vehicle. The citizen approached this subject, who fled to an awaiting vehicle. The citizen jumped onto the vehicle in an effort to stop the subject. The subject proceeded to drive away with the citizen holding on to his vehicle. After a short period the subject lost control of his vehicle with the citizen still holding on. The suspect was taken into custody by law enforcement. … The citizen received treatment for minor injuries.

A few things stood out when I read this. Of course, the courageous, if ill-advised, efforts of the citizen who jumped onto the car, were extraordinary. And the SMPD, with the help of some area departments, got its man.

The time also struck me. This all happened at 1:30 p.m., reminding us that we can never let our guard down when it comes to crime prevention.

You can learn some crime prevention tips on this page on the South Milwaukee Police Department website. Click here to see my earlier post on Neighborhood Watch programs, and click here to learn about the department’s crime alerts initiative.

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