Police: South Milwaukee Man Arrested After Confronting Officers With Firearm

Yet another reason to thank you to our police officers for all they do …

From the South Milwaukee Department:

On Thursday February 26, 2015 at about 8:00pm the City of South Milwaukee Police Department was called to a home in the 3200 Block of 15th Avenue in the City of South Milwaukee, for a report of a man making threats to his family that he was going to “Commit Suicide by Cop”.  The callers further reported that the man making these threats was in possession of an improvised firearm fashioned from a BB gun and a shotgun shell.

Upon arrival of the officers they were confronted by the man at the front door.  The man was brandishing what was later determined to be a BB gun with a live shotgun shell affixed to it.  The man ignored orders to drop the item and surrender but did eventually throw the object down and walk out of the residence toward officers, while telling the officers to shoot him.  The man did not comply with further directions to be taken safely into custody and an electronic control devise (ECD/Taser) was deployed on the subject.  The man was then forced into handcuffs and taken into custody.  The man stated that he tried to fire the weapon at the officers but threw it down when it failed to go off. 

The man continued to resist after he was taken into custody, kicking one officer in the chest. The man, a 23 year old resident of South Milwaukee, was transported by ambulance to an area hospital for medical examination.  No officers were injured to the point of seeking medical attention.  This matter will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for possible criminal charges.     

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