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Run, Josh, Run! All-American Honors for Former Rocket


Josh Janusiak’s incredible run of success continues at Lawrence University, with an All-American (seventh-place) finish at the NCAA Division III Track and Field Championships today.

Details here. From the story …

The Lawrence University track and field star met the challenge on Thursday morning and raced to All-America honors at the NCAA Division III Championships at Veterans Memorial Field. Janusiak (South Milwaukee, Wis./South Milwaukee) finished seventh in the 10,000 meters in 31:02.02, and the top eight runners are All-Americans.

“I felt good when I started passing a couple of guys later in the race,” Janusiak said. “That’s when I was feeling the worst, and I think others were feeling their worst as well. That was a confidence booster to pass a couple of guys at that point.”

Once Janusiak improved his position during that stage of the race, he latched on to sixth place and held that until he was challenged by a host of runners. He finished more than nine seconds ahead of the ninth-place finish to maintain his position as an All-American.

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Headlines! Local Coverage from the Shepherd Express, Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and More

Lots of local media coverage recently …

Also, check out this profile on Hibbie Hayslett, a South Milwaukee veteran with a harrowing story of escape from Iran who is helping lead the Rotary Club Club of Mitchell Field’s Flags for Heroes event in Oak Creek. (A similar one is planned for South Milwaukee in June; flag tributes are available now.)

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Fresh Perspective for Vacant Buildings Downtown: Mount Mary Students Make Final Presentation


A burger bar and arcade. Pet store. Sports rental store. Pottery studio. Corner grocery. A day spa.

Those are among the ideas and designs for vacant downtown buildings that students from Mount Mary University presented to the South Milwaukee Common Council last week. You can see their presentation here, and in the images with this post.

I want to thank South Milwaukee resident Gigi Szeklinski, assistant professor and chair of the Mount Mary Interior Design Department, for bringing this project to South Milwaukee. And to the students: Your work was impressive, professionally done and, most importantly, realistic. I can see any number of these businesses succeeding in these spaces. My goal as mayor is to help make sure that happens.

These designs can’t and won’t sit on a shelf.

We plan to present these plans to individual property owners, encouraging reinvestment in their  properties, potentially with the help of the city.

Let’s get to work!


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Golf Outings: Sign up to Support the South Milwaukee Police, Lions

More details on the Lions outing here, DARE outing here.

2018 Lions golf outing

2018 DARE outing

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Libraries Rock: It’s a Full Summer at the South Milwaukee Library

Love to see something for everyone — especially local kids — at the library! Thanks to the library staff for putting together a terrific schedule of activities.

edited calendar for Erik

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Local Heroes: Working Together to Save a Life, and Potentially More



On Tuesday, May 15, the South Milwaukee City Council recognized local law enforcement and citizens for their work in serving our community, keeping us safe, and saving lives.

I’m recapping those stories on South Milwaukee Blog. Here is today’s story …

On June 6, 2017, the South Milwaukee Fire Department responded to Rawson Elementary School for the report of a pulseless, non-breathing person with bystanders doing CPR. Upon the arrival of SMFD units, they encountered a 63 year old female that was unresponsive and without a pulse in the care of bystanders whom had recognized the female in distress (Stacy Sanford), notified Rawson Staff to call 9-1-1 (Kaylei Sanford), and initiated CPR (Bakalarski, Drake, Hagen, Lira) until resuscitation efforts were taken over by SMFD personnel. The patient regained a pulse and eventually began breathing without assistance and making purposeful movements while enroute to St. Luke’s Main Hospital. The patient soon regained consciousness and, although confused, was oriented to where she was and what had happened.

While CPR was in progress, the civilian rescuers asked for someone to locate an Automatic External Defibrillator. Unfortunately, this school, as well as the other elementary schools at the time, did not have one. In the following days, dialogue was established in identifying a way to outfit the schools with AEDs. Upon hearing of these concerns, I reached out to South Milwaukee Public Health Administrator Jackie Ove and, through a cooperative effort of securing funding, ordering the appropriate equipment, and arranging for their installation, all elementary schools are now outfitted with AED’s. Without the interest expressed by the rescuers and the cooperation of the Public Health Administrator, Fire Department, and South Milwaukee School District, the installation of the AED’s would not have taken place. In this case, the saying that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) couldn’t be more accurate.

Congratulations and thank you to the following individuals!

  • Firefighters: Brad Sibley, Andy Mahn, Steven Bartlein (retired), Michael Landgraf, Jeremy Fronczak, Ryan Porter  and Tyler Anders.
  • Civilians Cassandra Bakalarski, Rachel Drake, Debbie Hagen, Nicole Lira, Kaylei Sanford, and Stacy Sanford
  • Public Health Administrator Jacqueline Ove

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Here is Your 2018 South Milwaukee Downtown Market Music Lineup

Some cities trumpet their “four weeks of live music in the park.”

We’ll, isn’t that nice? 🙂

We have 19, thanks to the South Milwaukee Downtown Market!

The schedule opens next Thursday, May 31, and it’s full of talented local musicians. See for yourself, and join me in thanking the volunteer market board (especially promoter Brian Morrison) and South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center for making these weekly special events a big part of the city’s summer rhythm.

Summer Music 2018

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