Man Sought Following Robbery At Tri-City National Bank

Robber1Robber2From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

On February 28, 2015 at about 11:38am, the Tri-City National Bank located at 2115 10th Ave in South Milwaukee reported that a lone subject had just robbed the bank. The subject depicted below is described as a male white or Hispanic, 25 to 30 years of age, wearing wire rimmed glasses, having a thin mustache, and wearing a red zippered hoodie, a royal blue stocking hat, baggy dark pants (possibly jeans), and dark tennis shoes. Subject implied that he had a weapon. An exploded dye pack and some money were recovered across the street from the bank after the actor fled on foot out the south entrance of the bank. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone having pertinent information on this incident is encouraged to call the SMPD at 768-8060.

I’ll keep you posted.

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