Be On The Lookout: Strangers And Kids

A message from the South Milwaukee Police Department … please be vigilant.

Please be advised that the police department has received several complaints this week involving a man in his 50’s to 60’s, with long gray hair, dressed in “Cowboy” garb, walking around in the area of Lakeview School and speaking to young boys. A parent recalled seeing a subject matching the description a few days earlier at a local gas station and driving a red pickup truck. It is unknown if this is the same person. The SMPD has located and spoken with two individuals matching the general physical description and have determined neither one to be involved. Based upon the information that we have received no crime has been committed, but please take the time to educate your children. Please reinforce with them not engage in conversations with strangers, to tell an adult ASAP if approached, and to call the police. Should a person matching that description be seen again, please do not make contact with the subject, but instead contact the SMPD at 768-8060. If driving a vehicle, a detailed description along with a license plate would be helpful.

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One response to “Be On The Lookout: Strangers And Kids

  1. Elissa Mross

    Do any of the sexual predators living in this area fit this description? I hope they are checking that out too.

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