Plale Helps Kill State Worker Contracts

Update: Plale explains his vote in this story.

State Sen. Jeff Plale is making his presence felt before he leaves office.

The South Milwaukee Democrat — who lost to incoming Sen. Chris Larson in the senatorial primary in September — was one of two Democrats to vote against controversial labor contracts for state workers late Wednesday night.

The other was Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker.

All Republicans joined Plale and Decker in voting “no” and, with one senator absent, the contracts failed to pass on a 16-16 vote (after passing by one vote in the Assembly). That means Gov.-Elect Scott Walker will have an opportunity to reopen those contracts when he comes into office in January.

Here is the Journal Sentinel story.

From springing a lawmaker from jail to secure a necessary vote to deposing legislative leadership at the last minute, the “inside baseball” involved here is about as ugly as it gets.

Of course, I’d like to know your opinions about how this all went down, including Plale’s vote. Post your comments below.


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4 responses to “Plale Helps Kill State Worker Contracts

  1. Melanie Poser

    Way to go Plale!! I hope Scott has a good position for you in his administration.

  2. Keri A.

    In general, I think there are too many chances for shenanigans and abuses in these lame duck sessions. Except for actual legislative emergencies the elected officials should refrain from making major decisions after elections before the new people take office, especially when the people have elected a major shift in representation.

    Good job, Sen. Plale! You’ve always worked well with both sides of the aisle while remaining a true Democrat. From every Democrat and Republican I’ve spoken with, the ONLY reason you’re not going back is due to the quirk in the primary system that encouraged both D and R to vote Republican since the D governor candidate had no opposition. Good luck in the future.

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