9-11 Float Coming to South Milwaukee?

The much-publicized 9-11 memorial float — the one that sparked criticism for the Racine firefighters’ union after its refusal to support the concept allegedly because the float’s creator has distanced himself from the union — is drawing interest from Heritage Days parade organizers.

Check out the Journal Sentinel story here. From it:

Patty Penn, co-chairwoman of the Heritage Days Parade committee in South Milwaukee, would also like to showcase the float being sponsored by fire Lt. Matt Gorniak and his church’s youth group.

Penn said she has good memories of the 9-11 memorial when it passed along the South Milwaukee parade route in 2002.

“The reaction was spectacular,” Penn said via email. “The spectators were totally enthralled and appreciative. I don’t think there was one person sitting as the float passed them. There were plenty of tears and lots of requests for reprints of the pictures that I was snapping.”

I’d love to see this float come to South Milwaukee. The Heritage Days parade, set for July 23, is already a great community event — this will only add to it.

(Thankfully, uniformed firefighters will be able to march with the Racine float. Let’s hope union members see the light and actually do it. In my mind, their stance on this issue, mixing politics with a 9-11 memorial, is indefensible.)

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  1. Melanie

    I’ll agree with you on that one Erik!

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