Spurring Development: Local Leaders Praise Aerotropolis Concept in Editorial

South Milwaukee Mayor Tom Zepecki was one of the local leaders who signed on to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial supporting the “Aerotropolis” concept — an initiative that aims to use Mitchell International as a hub for economic development across the region.

Check it out here. From it:

The concept is simple: Mitchell sits at the core, while surrounding businesses, dependent upon aviation with connecting modes of transportation and related cyberstructure, become the surrounding clusters of economic growth and development. We have the potential to attract national and global businesses with high-paying jobs that place a high priority on prompt, reliable and convenient accessibility to aviation and other interconnected modes of transportation.

Through a continued focus on our transportation infrastructure development, we will attract high-caliber businesses to our communities. These businesses will add much-needed jobs and significant private investment in our communities.

As I’ve written, I strongly support this concept — and its regional approach to economic development. Yes, South Milwaukee has its virtues to sell to potential businesses, but our selling story is that much stronger when we go to market with the combined strength of our neighbors.

(Check out other versions of this story from WUWM, Fox 6 and The Business Journal.)

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