Studio 915: Welcome To Downtown South Milwaukee

I had the pleasure of attending on Friday the opening of the newest downtown South Milwaukee business, and I came away impressed.

Impressed because this is unlike any business now in our city center … and maybe unlike any business Milwaukee Avenue has ever seen. Impressed because this business decided to take a chance on opening in our fair city vs. what were surely trendier options. Impressed because its strorefront is simply beautiful, with its hardwood floors, cream brick and huge picture windows. Impressed because its owners seem committed to becoming active in their community.

And impressed, of course, with the unique and beautiful works of art that fill its space.

Yes, welcome to South Milwaukee, Studio 915.

The city’s new art gallery and studio could be a downtown game changer.

Here its mission statement: “Studio 915 is committed to showcasing the talent of new and aspiring Artists.  We also offer a diverse range of  classes and workshops designed  to promote passion and awareness within the art community and beyond.  We are committed to the development and advancement  of the Artists we represent.  Studio 915 promotes growth and wellness through a love and appreciation of the arts.”

It’s a grand mission — one that I’m excited to see come to life in downtown South Milwaukee.

Learn more about Studio 915 at its under-construction website, and be sure to stop by 915 Milwaukee Ave. and see for yourself what I’m talking about. They’ll also be at the Dec. 3 and 10 South Milwaukee Christmas Markets at Caterpillar.


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