Welcome To “Downtown” Oak Creek: Delphi Site’s Future Revealed

Update: Oak Creek Patch has more details in this story.

Oak Creek will finally get a “downtown” with the redevelopment of the former Delphi property — plans that were formally revealed on Friday.

Learn more about the Drexel Town Square project at BizTimes.com, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Oak Creek Patch and The Business Journal.

From BizTimes.com:

The eastern third of the site will feature junior box retail stores (about 20,000 to 40,000 square feet each) and some outlot retail development, said Wispark president Jerry Franke.

The middle third of the site will have a “Main Street,” lined with multi-story buildings with retail on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

A Town Square on the Main Street could be a community gathering place and it used for ice skating in the winter and farmers’ markets in warmer months, Franke said. The Main Street area will also be the site of the city’s new library and city hall.

The western third of the site will have “Third Ward” style apartment buildings, Franke said.

“We’re hoping to attract young professionals working on the south side by offering them something different,” he said.

The residential component of the development could also include an assisted living building, Franke said.

Not to be forgotten is that the groundbreaking of the new Interstate 94 interchange at Drexel Avenue was also held Friday. That’s a significant project for South Milwaukee, too, as it provides another easy entry point into our city.

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