Trick-or-Treating Set For Halloween, Again — And Hopefully For Years Ahead

City-sponsored trick-or-treating will again be held on Halloween in 2013 — and beyond.

The South Milwaukee City Council voted 6-2 on Tuesday night in favor of annually holding trick-or-treating from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on October 31. This year, it will be on a Thursday evening.

I voted yes for the same reasons I voted yes in 2012. Check out my previous post for more.

The action Tuesday night goes a bit farther than the vote in previous years. The key word in what we passed is “annually.” By adding that language, we hopefully create some sense of consistency going forward.

Yes, future councils can change the time again, but it would now take a new vote — and hopefully a strong reason to change — to do it. Otherwise, things should stay the same in 2014 and beyond.

This certainty is important because one very legitimate argument against trick-or-treating on a weeknight is kids’ schedules. They are full, and some may miss this annual activity because of a practice or other event.

My hope: Coaches and activity leaders will see the action of the council Tuesday night and, when possible, not schedule events for Halloween night. Why? Because Halloween night is trick-or-treating night in South Milwaukee — a community celebration that brings families and neighborhoods together for one night a year.

What do you think of this action? Post your comments below, and vote in my new poll.


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28 responses to “Trick-or-Treating Set For Halloween, Again — And Hopefully For Years Ahead

  1. Michael Clemmer

    Yes, this is the way Trick Or Treat should be, at night. The Ora that surrounds the night gives it that “Halloween” feel, a tad bit chilli, kids love it more, the adults love it, the only thing I can say bad about the night time trick or treat………. M kids are now all grown up !….. Wish this would have happened YEARS ago.. Thanks…. Michael…

  2. working parents of three

    I’m saddened by the decision to make this an annual event. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: night, yes, school/work night, no. I think some people are remembering a different time where moms stayed home and could easily have kids fed and out the door by 5:30. My first reaction is that we, and several neighbors around us won’t participate. We’ll go with with friends who live in Oak Creek or Franklin on Sunday night when we don’t have to worry about rushing home from work and having kids slam fast food or frozen pizza for supper. I might even keep my porch light out this year.

    • It starts at 5:30 and continues until 7:30. I’m sure with a crock pot meal waiting and the costumes laid out, ready to go, the whole family can enjoy a wonderful night in their own community. A little time management goes a long way to help produce fun fun fun!

      • Sue B.

        I know it’s a push to get ti all in this night, but I agree with you, Erin, a little time management goes a long way and planning ahead!! 🙂

    • kelli

      I am not a stay at home mom, i work full time and i am glad they are doing halloween night trick or treating again! One night of a pizza or crockpot meal is well worth the joy my children will get from it as they LOVED it last year.

    • Working parent also

      one school night of the year isn’t too much to ask to maintain a tradition. if you want everyone else to change tradition to fit into your lifestyle choice, good luck. keep your light out. it’s not about convenience.

      • Working parents of three

        That was pretty mean, wasn’t it? What makes something a tradition? This is just the second year that TOT has has been on Halloween in……a lot of years in South Milwaukee. AND I never asked for anything to be changed for me. I stated how I’ll make this work for me and my family. As for me working….geesh! It’s not 1950. There are a lot of moms making that “lifestyle choice”.

        People who know me will tell you that I usually manage my time quite well. I fit more into most days than a lot of people. I, personally, just am not thrilled by the idea of Halloween night TOT. That said, I’m glad to know that others feel differently about it. I hope everyone finds a way to enjoy Halloween with their children.

  3. mjklemm

    the only issue i have with going to “other” places is thats not fair to them neighborhoods. If everyone goes outside thier own neighborhoods that kinda defeats the purpose of bringing a neighborhood together, if you don’t want to participate in your own neighborhood, thats cool, I can understand, but its not cool to go to other neighborhood’s to get there “hospitality” most neighborhoods frown on that….just saying….

    • working parents of three

      We have friends in other communities who have kids the same age as ours. We take our kids trick or treating by invitation of the people who live in other communities and we’ve invited them to ours. We’re not crashing anyone’s party.

      • SM Guy.

        Actually, that is exactly what you are doing. I buy the treats for the neighborhood kids. Not the neighborhood kids and all their friends and relatives from outside the neighborhood. I’m seriously thinking of buying a small bag this year and just leaving it on the porch. If somebody imports all their friends and its gone – too bad, so sad. Now if the communities would collaborate and have it scheduled for the same day, at least it would balance out since some kids would come and others would go…not BOTH.

      • mjklemm

        This is what I meant… Way to many “Friends” come from surrounding city’s and I just want our children… Not their friends, neighbors cousins, uncles etc…… You can pretty much tell the kids from around you, then the crowd starts like a mob that has never had free candy before… It’s supposed to be fun, not the way it sometimes turns out with all the “friends”…

  4. mjklemm

    That’s all cool if that’s the circumstances, I’ve seen in the past tons of children that are not from around my neighborhood.. And they came to the house 4 times !… Just no respect when some take advantage of nice and kind people.. Some just Pisa a little to much and make it so some dont want to participate…..
    I just hope all n all it’s a SAFE and no incidents happen.. Have fun… Mjclemm…

  5. sm lover

    Am very happy about this, had a great time last year. Wish it had gone this way years ago when my older kids were little. Just my youngest gets to benefit from this.

  6. Jon

    Let me first state that, I think trick or treating on halloween is how things should be, I love the halloween traditions and the whole hoilday. The problem I have is I work at night and last year and this year I wont be able to go with my son and wife trick or treating and for someone that loves this time a year and is a huge horror movie fan, and feels like a kid again at this time, it really sucks for me. Sunday afternoons might not be hauntingly spooky but at least I could go with my family and share in the memories. I know I am in the minority of parents that work at night, and I am sure that there are folks that work weekends too, but speaking for myself this vote make me rather upset. So if I want to see my son trick or treat I will have to go outside of the city, and if that makes me a bad neighbor, Oh Well!!!
    Never missed one trick or treat with my older son and havent gone once with my youngest.

    • Sue B.

      I hate to suggest this, Jon, but could you plan ahead and take the one day off since it’s such a fun time for you!?? You do get vacation days, don’t you? Just saying….

  7. kelli

    I am so happy about this decision! I hope it stays on halloween night forever!.the ambiance is amazing, my kids loved it last year and enjoyed seeing all the night time decorarions lit up! I am working mom and i am still extremely happy about this!

  8. lynn hoffmann

    I really like the Sunday. I asked off for it, thinking it would be trick or treat. In fact, I work nights most of the time during the week. What a stupid idea, to put it in the middle of hectic work week anyway. So now I just found out I bought candy for nothing.

  9. Rygy

    I do not like the fact that I see vans full of children from other areas trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We should match the area trick-or-treating to stop this. I will not be participating this year.

  10. Sue B.

    I love that it’s in the evenings again….too bad it came after my kids have all grown up! I don’t like the idea that there will be kids from Milwaukee coming in carloads…they did in the past as well when it was on Sunday afternoons!!

  11. Working parents of three

    After checking out the Facebook posts of my friends today it appears that many of my SM friends have already participated in TOT for the year by going to other communities with friends and family. Will they send their kiddos out again on Thursday? IDK.

    • mjklemm

      Just my opinion……… I do not believe in taking the kids to other communities, nor want kids from the other communities here.. It’s for OUR children, not anyone that can catch a ride… Just an opinion…..

      • working parents of three

        What a tricky issue. Don’t get me wrong. I do think that people should have ties to where they TOT. But I would argue that it’s acceptable for two sisters who live in different cities to take their children (who are all cousins) TOT while the husbands hand out candy and watch football.

      • mjklemm

        I can see what you mean by tricky situation about the sisters and kids… I understand that this will occur, things like this are all good, no issues here, it’s when a group of kids get together and go from hood to hood… Also when a parent that doesn’t even know anyone from the other neighborhood, justs wants to go there.. I don’t know… It’s all a hit n miss, no matter what ya do, or think we are always wrong somehow…. Just hope it’s a safe night out for our children..

  12. Eepers

    As a full time working mother, with full time working husband, who has younger children my preference would be to keep TOT on a weekend. Afternoon or evening doesn’t really matter. I find it more convenient as far as dealing with costume preparation, meals, bedtimes, etc. Weekday evenings are very hectic for many families. And have no fear all you helpers out there, the costumes are prep’d, the roast is in the crock pot and batteries are charged for the camera. Lastly, cut working parents of three a little slack and respect other’s opinions even if they differ from yours. No need to be so devilish. 😉

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