Woman Rescued From South Milwaukee House Fire

From the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

At approximately 1:32 pm the South Milwaukee Fire Dept responded to a 911 call for the report of a residential house fire at 717 St. Sylvester Drive.

Upon arrival, fire units initial report of fire on first floor.  Firefighters searched the 2nd floor and located a female occupant, extricated her outside to safety, then transported her to Columbia St. Mary’s and condition is unknown at this time.

Fire is under investigation and the State Fire Marshall has been called to the scene to assist in the investigation.

Fox 6 has coverage. I’ll keep you posted.


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3 responses to “Woman Rescued From South Milwaukee House Fire

  1. Teri

    The woman pulled from the home was my aunt. She seems to have had some kind of neurological episode that rendered her unconscious and unable to escape from the fire. Our family is forever grateful to the heroic firefighters that rescued her and fought the blaze. Because they saved her that day, our family had time to pray and say good-bye to her before she became an organ donor. Thank you for your courage and your kindness.

  2. Vicki Maloney

    God bless your aunt and her unselfish gift of organ donation! Her life goes on in those she has saved. I will keep you in my prayers.

    The proud mother of organ donor Alyssa Narloch

  3. Cory Peterson

    Very well said Vicki and Sorry for your loss Teri.

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