Fire Damages Michigan Avenue Home

1725 Michigan (1)From the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

At approximately 5:14PM last evening (Tuesday, June 10), SMPD Dispatch rec’d a telephone call from a male caller who stated he needed a fire engine at 1725 Michigan Avenue and hung up the phone.  Without knowing the exact nature of the call or even if an emergency existed, SMFD responded with an engine to investigate.  While responding, Capt. McCoy could see a column of smoke rising into the sky in the area of the call and immediately requested that the level of response be upgraded to a Working Still for a structure fire.  The Working Still level brings in assistance from our mutual aid partners.  Upon their arrival, the encountered a single-family Capt Cod style house with heavy smoke “pushing” from the attic.  Hoselines were deployed to attack the fire while additional personnel and equipment arrived and an SMFD attack crew made their way into the 2nd floor and attic and extinguished the fire.  No injuries were reported.  Damage to the attic and 2nd floor was significant.  As can be seen in the attached photos, the house was being re-roofed at the time and both the workers and the homeowners reported that their 60-amp electrical service repeatedly blew fuses when the contractor’s air compressor kicked in.  The fire remains under investigation by SMFD Lt. Frost, but involvement of the electrical system cannot be ruled out absent a detailed examination by a qualified electrical professional.

Here is coverage from TMJ4.

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