Welcome, John McGivern: “Around The Corner” Coming To South Milwaukee

john_new_logoSouth Milwaukee has a great story to tell, and it should be told. That’s why I’m excited to announce that John McGivern is bringing his “Around the Corner” PBS series to South Milwaukee, with filming happening in late July.

The show will spend a half hour looking at what makes South Milwaukee a great place to live, work and play, with a focus on what makes our city unique. Local historian John Gurda will also lend a historical perspective during the show and in a separate piece also airing on PBS.

I met with the show producers recently, and it sounds like they have a strong plan to bring our story to life. I can’t wait to see it – and do what I can to help.

I ask you to do the same. One way: Make sure your property is looking its best the week of July 27. Let’s put our best foot forward … and welcome McGivern and Gurda to town in style.

The air date is set for Feb. 26, 2015. Look for more information on a local premier in coming months. I promise, we will have some fun with this!

Check out season one and two episodes here, including one on our neighbors to the north.



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7 responses to “Welcome, John McGivern: “Around The Corner” Coming To South Milwaukee

  1. Annette Gifford


  2. Jenny Zakovich

    AWESOME! I love that show and it will be great to find out more about the city I have lived in my entire life! I am so glad to see our new Mayor doing so much in just a few months. I love getting the blog to know what is going on in our city. Thank you Mayor!

  3. Concerned resident

    its a shame that our new plasma center won’t be open yet. bet John could have had some great footage there!

  4. RocketMom

    Erik, get your stop watch out and start working on your closing schpiel! ha! I had to pause and think about what they would film. There is PLENTY of content on why people live, work, and play here.

    My top 25 list (off the top of my head, in no order of importance): Grant Park Beach, 7 bridges, lagoon, waterfall, golf course, bike paths, SM Farmer’s Market, SM Performing arts center, SM Fitness Center, SM Football stadium, the SMHS Rock, Tony’s Grant Park Garage (this garage is gorgeous), Mears Auction Gallery, Caterpillar/Bucyrus Museum, SM Little League & Arboretum, SM Yacht Club, Dairy Queen, First Congregational Church (oldest church in SM), Muskie’s Gourmet House, Miltown Treblemakers, Chet Grobschmidt, Nels Monson, the “M” streets, the “tree” streets,

    Around the Corner has a fast-paced content with over 20 people/places interviewed in 30 minutes. That’s a lot on the cutting room floor. I can’t wait to see what they can film in those 3 days. I hope people are available.

  5. Katherine

    Make sure you get your 30 second reason to live here ready!!
    Don”t forget Sts. Peter & Paul Polish Catholic Church. It is tiny but beautiful with awesome parishoners!

  6. Stephanie

    As a member of the MilTown Treblemakers (Milwaukee’s only professional women’s acappella group – based right here in South Milwaukee and comprised of many SMHS graduates!!) I know we’d love to be a part of this! http://www.miltowntreblemakers.com . Though what a great opportunity for South Milwaukee in general!

  7. K-Dog

    South Mil here, The barn in my backyard was erected in 1914. I live 4 blocks from Grant Park. Chicago native, but my heart and soul have shifted. Lived in this neighborhood for 6 years – came up on a referral from Hines as a hard case drug addict from the Chicago VA. I was a dead man walking, who ain’t?
    Flip the coin, hit an irish roll, and take a chance, here I am. stop over

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