Council Update: Investing In Infrastructure

Recapping last Monday’s special South Milwaukee City Council meeting, primarily held to ensure two late-filing local bars get their liquor licenses in time to stay open effective July 1 … which they did.

Topping the agenda was approval by the council to move ahead with significant road projects, including …

  • Advertising for bids for reconstruction of 17th Avenue between Milwaukee and Rawson later this summer.
  • Spending more than $485,000 for various asphalt pavement repairs. In all, at least 59 areas throughout the city were identified as needing repair, some with longstanding issues and some due to the terrible winter. About 25 of the repair areas are “frost boils,” while the others are deteriorated asphalt.
  • The council also voted to spend $93,350 to synchronize the traffic lights on Rawson Avenue, which is great news for people (like me) who drive this road often. A federal grant is covering $57,000 of the construction costs.

The council also gave final approval to an ordinance banning rummage sales downtown — on Milwaukee Avenue between Ninth and 13th and 10th Avenue between Rawson and Marquette.


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2 responses to “Council Update: Investing In Infrastructure

  1. Katherine

    You should try going around the city in my scooter. It is very difficult! There are many many uneven sidewalks and many of the the curb divets for wheelchairs & scooters are at such a steep angle is can be frightening, at least on a scooter.

  2. Betsy Somil

    Has a traffic study been conducted on North Chicago between Rawson and College post Walmart? There have been a few accidents over the years along that stretch…particularly between Pine and Oak…fortunately, most seem to have been fender benders…but it appears there has been an uptick in the amount of traffic and it is likely only a matter of time before something more serious happens. Watching kids trying to cross the street in the morning to get to school is like witnessing a real life game of Frogger. I dread the “something more serious” being the injury of a child. It doesn’t seem likely that the traffic will slack off any time in the foreseeable future, perhaps it’s appropriate to investigate controlling traffic at some point.

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