Three Nights Of Drama At The Depot

Depot-in-SpringAs if Heritage Week wasn’t special enough … now comes this unique special event at perhaps the city’s most iconic structure.

Here is the lineup for Drama at the Depot, with outdoor performances planned for 7:30 p.m. each night July 24-26 at the 121-year-old depot at 11th and Madison Avenues.

The performers …

Mississippi Sawyer is a band featuring conventional and improvised acoustic instruments.  To the delight of the listeners, Mississippi Sawyer brings together the sounds of the banjo, kick-drum suitcase, guitar, washtub bass, washboard, singing saw, Irish whistle, kazoos and other homemade instruments.

Cadance Collective will perform a Folk Suite of works inspired by several folk songs of the 19th century including ‘Oh My Darling, Clementine’ and ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.’  The third song, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ deals with the theme of wandering along life’s path, as so many drifters did following the birth of the U.S. railroad system.  Cadance Collective uses flute, cello, ukulele, voice, and dance, to translate these old familiar songs into a modern language.

Dance Revolution Milwaukee (DRM) performance explores how we make and maintain relationships in a world filled with hustle and bustle.  The work incorporates the theme of interconnectedness between people and places as well as the history of South Milwaukee and the South Milwaukee Railroad Depot.  The piece, Threefold, “physicalizes” the need to keep changing and also the importance of staying connected to people and places most important to us.

Kath Vandenberg’s theatre piece about a woman in her mid-20’s remembering how she used to come and play on the platform and in the area surrounding the depot.  This fictional woman grew up in the neighborhood of the depot and will act out brief encounters with the mysterious and interesting passengers that she meets on the train.

These performances are free, open to the public and appropriate for all ages. I am really looking forward to this, and I hope you are too. What a great way to show off a beautifully restored building.

The performances are presented by the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center and The Battery Factory.

Here is the press release.

Learn more about the history of the depot here.

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