Development Update: Burger King Planned Near Walmart

Update: We scheduled a public hearing on the proposed Burger King for the August 25 Plan Commission meeting, when the 16th Avenue project will also get more discussion. The commission recommended approval of the Columbia Avenue project, with conditions. 

Monday’s (tonight’s) Plan Commission agenda includes several new development projects worth noting …

  • Plans have been submitted for a new Burger King restaurant as an outlot to Walmart at 222 N. Chicago Ave. Discussion about the project’s conditional use permit — and the potential to set a public hearing on the project — is on tonight’s agenda.
  • The Plan Commission is also discussing plans for a new “twin duplex” apartment complex on currently vacant land at the corner of 16th and College Avenues. The plans are for a mix of two- and three-bedroom units.
  • Also, South Milwaukee’s EK Construction wants to purchase and improve the property on the northeast corner of 11th and Columbia Avenues. The plan is to create a storage yard for snowplows and other outdoor equipment and expand/improve the existing building on the site, with a screen fence and improved landscaping around the property. If you’ve driven by there recently, you’d see how much of a facelift that corner could use. And it’s good to a see a local business like EK Construction interested in expanding.

I’ll keep you posted on these developments, and please do attend our meetings. Public hearings on the apartment complex and Columbia Avenue project are set for Monday night. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

Here is an agenda, which also includes continued discussion of the downtown plan I promised during the campaign — one I think we still need as badly as ever.


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5 responses to “Development Update: Burger King Planned Near Walmart

  1. South Milwaukee mom

    I’m all for a restaurant being built by Walmart, we knew that was the intention when the land was left for building. But do we really need another fast food restaurant? There is a Taco Bell, Griddlers, Pizza Hut and KFC in eye sight of Walmart and a Subway inside. I think its just another reason for people to eat fast food and its terrible. I can tell you that I can count on one hand the amount of times, or less, my family has eaten at any of these restaurants in the last year and I can see everyone from my house. Just my 2 cents

  2. South Milwaukee Dad

    I agree, not to mention there is a McDonald’s 3 blocks away. I was hoping the restaurant would be more upscale. A Burger King will not help South Milwaukee’s image. What is does is create more fast food litter in the neighborhood in which I live. Unfortunately, SM is not Brookfield or Oak Creek: we still struggle to attract anything that can survive other than fast food.

  3. Pug

    I like Burger King. Beats driving all the way up to 13th and Rawson to get some decent burgers. Tons of people eat at those fast food restaurants by Walmart. the demographics of South Milwaukee will never attract anything upscale. It’s just a fact, get over it.

  4. Kathy romero

    Give McDonald’s a little competition, after all they took away croutons on their salads, no more hot mustard sauce . Tell them to give free senior drinks, why not Wendy’s and toco bell do

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