Mill Pond Warming House Renovations Underway

10613797_10203475411439607_1824612871_n10615810_10203475410279578_1989953874_nIn case you’ve missed it, there are some big changes happening at the Mill Pond Warming House.

Here is the update from Janet Cook, of the Friends of the Mill Pond and Oak Creek Watercourse …

The Warming House is getting a much needed makeover.

The Friends of the Mill Pond have replaced the old doors with steel ones, the ceiling has been sanitized and freshly painted, ceiling fans installed, electrical upgrades done and now the outside is getting a new face. Windows are being worked on and then the entire building will be freshly painted.

The Friends of the Mill Pond will be hosting an “Open House” on September 27th from 1-4 p.m.

Thanks to the Friends for all their work on restoring this community icon.


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3 responses to “Mill Pond Warming House Renovations Underway

  1. Betsy A.

    I have enjoyed watching the rebirth of this beautiful building, and appreciate the advocacy for its care by the Friends of the Mill Pond. Parks is to be commended for getting it done. It’s a hallmark structure that should offer years of good use and is a fine example of architectural character and place-making.

  2. Is the warming house open during renovations? Is this public access? I’m in Racine but would LOVE to visit this beautiful site.

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