AMF South Park Is Officially For Sale

Closed without warning in June, AMF South Park Lanes is for sale.

The listed price on the seven-acre property is $950,000. Check out the listing brochure from The Boerke Co. here, and here is a story from the Business Journal.

All three recently closed AMF properties around Milwaukee are for sale.

I’m wondering: What would you like to see there?


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10 responses to “AMF South Park Is Officially For Sale

  1. Randy G

    A good quality casual restaurant/brewpub would be a great addition to the rebirth of the city.

    • Queenmamaof3

      A microbrew/restaurant would be GREAT!

      I’ve often thought a “come for dinner/see a show” combo for our local restaurants and our PAC would be nice. We get people from outside the community here for performances. Wouldn’t it be great to extend that patronage to Barbieres, Azteca, Paisanos, Papa Luigi’s II, etc. Wonder if that incentive would help a restauranteur choose SM.

  2. Peggy

    I agree with the above responses regarding restaurants to draw people to our area. If not an upscale, casual restaurant, how about a Culvers, Panera, or AppleBee’s. These establishments always seem to be croweded.

  3. Anon

    Business is set to far back for anything , plow it down and make it a dog park

  4. Anon

    Let it sit empty like half of Milwaukee Ave does

  5. Chris H

    Perhaps not necessarily a use for this site, but has anyone from the city contacted St. Francis Brewery about their planned brewery expansion. It appears they are looking at alternative sites since their plan in St. Francis has hit a snag.

  6. Working on it … and this is exactly the kind of thing I hope an economic development director can do for our city. It is a priority for me to bring one on board in coming months, as part of my first budget. We need to be in the game when it comes to these issues, and that takes someone devoted to attracting and retaining business, growing South Milwaukee.

  7. Rick

    At NO TAX increase! Correct???

  8. Jim

    I believe that this location should be something that our children can go to so they are not out in the streets causing havoc. I had thought about keeping 20 lanes, and turning the other side of the house into a lazer tag, or paint ball or maybe even a go kart section. And have arcade games, and such for the rest. This section would be enclosed behind sound proof glass to not disrupt the bowlers.

    Personally we need to think of something to put into place to help our young children.

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