Council Roundup: Dispatch Investment, St. Adalbert’s Development, School Proclamation

From Tuesday’s South Milwaukee City Council meeting …

  • The council agreed to keep our police and fire dispatch services in-house — and invest what could be more than $400,000 on new dispatch equipment in coming months. This was a decision a long time in coming, and it’s one I know the council (and the city administrator and me) did not take lightly. I generally support exploring consolidation and contracting as options for select city services — I think you have to in this era of lean budgets — and we certainly did our homework in this case. But you need a willing partner in discussions about sharing services, and we had trouble finding one. Meanwhile, risks increased with our outdated equipment coming to the end of its useful life. So we decided to invest in what we’re doing in South Milwaukee. And now that we’re committed to providing this service long-term, it’s up to us to find ways to enhance it where and when possible. We will try our hardest to do that.
  • We also heard a few details about a development proposed for the former St. Adalbert’s school, gymnasium, church and rectory. Gorman & Co. is proposing 31 apartments for the existing buildings, to be funded in part with historic building tax credits from the state. Formal plans will be presented before the Plan Commission at our meeting Monday (tomorrow), with plans for a public information meeting and formal public hearing in the days and weeks after that. I’ll keep you posted.
  • We also gave a proclamation to the South Milwaukee School District, for their AdvancED accreditation. Congratulations again to the district for this terrific honor.


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11 responses to “Council Roundup: Dispatch Investment, St. Adalbert’s Development, School Proclamation

  1. Pat Jursik

    Mayor: I was sorry to see the consolidation of dispatch broke down. I knew there were problems when I saw St. Francis had gone with Oak Creek. These high-tech and employee rich services really need to be developed across our artificial muni lines or they will become budget busters for those going alone. I would hope somehow this could still be open for cooperation. It may require that you do more than one area at a time so that every municipality gets something, i.e. dispatch discussed at the same time as recycling, and so. For the sake of our financial well-being, I hope we can keep consolidation discussions going forward.

  2. Randy G

    Mayor Brooks,
    In regard to the former St. Adalbert property, I personally am opposed to any additional low-income housing in SM. I would suggest you go to the “You know you are from SOUTH MILWAUKEE because..” Facebook page for the comments on that development.

    • Don Freimark

      I am a city resident [63 yrs] less 1yr Viet Nam . I have contacted 30 other residents and no one is for low income apartments on the former st alberts property that you neglected to mention-but the journal/sentinel did. I am open to several alternatives. Don Freimark

  3. Peggy

    Mayor Brooks – is there a listing available of all low-income/subsidized housing in SM?

    • Peggy: Good question. There is none that I know of. And please keep in mind that this proposed development is very different than, say, Parkcrest or Grant Park Square. It is being proposed as market-rate quality apartments for working individuals and families — those making anywhere from around $25,000 to around $50,000 per year. Plenty more details will emerge in the next month, at the public information and Plan Commission meetings and in other forms. All I ask for everyone – this is not directed at you — is to fully understand what is being proposed before making up minds. I promise to do the same as this debate evolves.

      • According to information found on line so far, Parkcrest has 60 units which could be up to 300 people and Grant Park Square has 153 units. Some of those units are senior. The population there could be as high as 500 people. Mayor, please find out the numbers of people living in these developments. Also please find out the land they occupy, and thereby the density. It is my understanding that we do not have senior low income housing. Is that true? Thank you

  4. Frank Gratke

    The statement “to be funded in part with historic building tax credits from the state” does not mention federal credits. South Milwaukee needs to know more about these credits. What is available, how to apply for them and what help the city can be to get them would be a start.
    Frank “disco” G

  5. Peggy

    Does anyone know who is facilitating the informal meeting at Oak Manor on 9/30 @ 6:30?

  6. Frank Gratke

    I would like to inform about the trial on Marine Cliffs apartment housing. The ALCU presented the case allowing citizens to say “we do not want any low income hosing” is discriminatory. The judge and jury did seam to agree with ACLU. You may want to use the term substandard housing. The what and not the who.

    Frank “Disco” G

  7. Rick

    Franklin — The city of Franklin may see another municipal property tax freeze if the mayor’s recommended budget is approved in November.

    Mayor Steve Olson announced his 2015 recommended budget during a Common Council meeting on September 23.

    The budget, which projects $25.5 million in general fund expenditures, includes additional service enhancements for the city. Should the recommended budget be passed, this will be the second year in a row that the city froze the municipal property tax levy.

    Highlights of the recommended budget, which are provided through the city website, include:

    · A 2015 extension of the joint-contract for a school resource officer in the Franklin School District.

    · The creation of a new Information Technology Director/Manager position.

    · The creation of a fully-funded Economic Development Director position, which the city will pursue in 2015.

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